Monday 25 April 2022

Tidal Wave (Aloha Lagoon Mysteries #17) by Beth Prentice

Samantha Reynolds' life in Aloha Lagoon has just become perfect. Her boyfriend Casey has asked her to marry him, and with Casey’s family in town for a few weeks, it's the perfect opportunity to throw a surprise wedding! The only problem is that on such short notice their wedding planner can only do so much. Especially when their resort is already overbooked with a reality TV personality and his entourage. While Sam has her doubts about pulling this off when she meets the combative last-minute caterer her planner hired, she swaps her flip flops for stilettos and makes her way down the aisle anyway.

Only before she can say "I Do," the caterer is found dead—face down in their wedding cake!

Suddenly things go from marriage to murder, and Sam is at the center of it all. With the police looking at her wedding planner as the number one suspect, Casey’s mother shouting about bad omens and doing her best to convince Casey to go home to England, Sam knows that if she’s going to tie the knot with the man of her dreams, she must find the real killer and prove them all wrong.

But can she find a murderer, convince Casey that his mother is wrong, and plan a whole new wedding before the truth catches up with them all? Or will Sam be the next victim? This may not be the happily ever after she was expecting...   (Summary via Goodreads)

The Aloha Lagoon Mystery series is one of my favorite series to get lost in.  The series is written by multiple authors with each book written by one author and the story is about a cast of characters and the thing that links all of the books is that they all take place on the Kauai coast of Hawaii and center around the Aloha Lagoon Resort.

In the seventeenth book Tidal Wave by Beth Prentice main character Sam Reynolds, who is a surf instructor for the resort is about to marry her bartender boyfriend Casey.  They have planned a surprise wedding, their families think that they are there to celebrate their engagement but the two lovebirds have other plans.  Seeing as Casey's entire family is visiting from Austrialia, they have decided to get married while everyone is there.  Unfortunately right before they are about to begin the caterer is found dead on their wedding cake and their wedding planner who Sam is friends with, is arrested for the murder.

Even though Sam had promised Casey that she would not look into any more murders, she is kinda known for getting in the middle, she knows that she has to look into this case....mainly because Casey's mother does not think they should get married and sees this as an omen to that.

Sadly as Sam and her best friend Alani begin their investigate they realize that the list of suspects is long and when they find some evidence that they believe is proof of blackmail, the list gets more complicated.

Readers will love getting lost in the Aloha Lagoon Mystery series and reading about all the different characters, their lives and how they get in the middle of murder investigations.  Tidal Wave is the fourth book in this series written by Beth Prentice and by now you will be in love with Sam, Casey and the rest of their friends and families.  You will love how the books have some overlapping qualities and reading about such a lovely place, even with murders, you cannot help but fall in love !!!  I highly recommend this series will love the resort !!!

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Review by Missi M.

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