Friday 1 April 2022

The Secrets We Share by Edwin Hill

A mesmerizing, twisty suspense novel perfect for fans of Mary Kubica and Riley Sager from an acclaimed author! Explore the deep bonds—and deadly secrets—between two very different sisters haunted by the crimes of their father murdered nearly twenty years earlier…

At first glance, Natalie Cavanaugh and Glenn Abbott hardly look like sisters. Even off-duty, Natalie dresses like a Boston cop, preferring practical clothes and unfussy, pinned-up hair. Her younger sister, Glenn, seems tailor-made for the spotlight, from her signature red mane to her camera-ready smile. Glenn has spent years cultivating her brand through her baking blog, and with the publication of her new book, that hard work seems about to pay off. But her fans have no idea about the nightmare in Glenn and Natalie’s past.

Twenty years ago, their father’s body was discovered in the woods behind their house. A trauma like that doesn’t fit with Glenn’s public image. Yet, maybe someone reading her blog does know something. There have been anonymous online messages, vague yet ominous, hinting that she’s being watched. And with unsettling coincidences hitting ever closer to home, both Glenn and Natalie soon have more pressing matters to worry about, especially when a dead body is found in an abandoned building . . .

Natalie is starting to wonder how much Glenn really knows about the people closest to her. But are there also secrets Natalie has yet to uncover about those she herself trusts? For two decades, she’s believed their father was murdered by their neighbor, with whom he was having an affair. But if those events are connected to what’s happening now, maybe there’s much more that Natalie doesn’t know. About their father. About their neighbors. About her friends. Maybe even about herself.

But there are no secrets between sisters . . . are there?

“This suspenseful story will have readers careening from one erroneous conclusion to the next.” —Library Journal STARRED REVIEW  
 (Summary via Goodreads)

Reading The Secrets We Share by Edwin Hill is like riding a rollercoaster in the dark.....there are so many twists and turns and when you think you are on a straight part, you are thrown into a loop.  

In The Secrets We Share readers are hanging around mostly with sisters Natalie and Glenn. In the beginning we are with the sisters when their father is found murdered behind their house and then Hill shoots us forward to when they are both adults.  Natalie is a detective and her sister Glenn is married with a daughter, Mavis.  Glenn is about to launch her career with a cookbook when her daughter gets dared to go into an abandoned factory on the way to school. Unfortunately she accepts the dare and instead of walking out with a piece of tile to prove she went inside, she finds a dead body !!

Mavis finding a dead body sends the sisters down a dark twisty rabbit hole that brings up memories from the past.  They also soon learn that they don't know who to trust and people close to them may not be who they have thought they were.....

After finishing The Secrets We Share I had to step away and allow my brain to comprehend everything I read and the outcome of the story.  I actually had to sleep on things to allow myself to fully grasp everything that happened and even then I'm not sure I have fully processed everything.  I could tell you to take your time reading this story and to really pay attention to everything, every little detail, because you may not realize how important something is until the very end but I know that once you start reading you are going to get totally into the story and read as fast as you can to see what will happen next.  And no one will blame you or think any less of you.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Edwin Hill a few times and I have also read his previous books and even with those books, I was completely blown away !!  Sometimes I cannot believe that the person I met and the author of these books is the same person !!  It just goes to show you how talented some people are.  I love Edwin and his books and I cannot wait to see where his brain is going to take him and us, his fans, next.  I just know it's going to be another crazy ride !!!  So hurry up and get your ticket (book) and get on board !!!

Review by Missi M.


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