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The Devil's Flood (Emory Crawford Mysteries Book #3) by Pearl R. Meaker

The Devil's Flood (Emory Crawford Mysteries Book #3)

Can a house disappear without a trace?

Emory and Jebbin are with an archeological dig on the shore of Sutton's Lake west of Twombly looking for a house that might only be a legend. Madison Twombly has plans to investigate a "super booze" being handed out at clandestine drinking parties.

When the house is found it contains two mummified bodies. The parties​ stop because a young man is killed in a drunken duel. Emory and Madison realize there are connections between the hundred year old mummies and the current day crime.

Sometimes the past won't stay in the past.  (Summary via Goodreads)

It has been a while since I have read a book, let alone a series, as quickly as I have read the Emory Crawford Mystery series.  To say I couldn't put the books down is absolutely correct !!!  And when I did have the power to put the book down, it was for a very short time.

The Devil's Flood is the third book in this captivating series and Emory again is caught up into mystery and mayheem......but it's so fun !!!

While on an archeological dig Jebbin falls through the ground which ends up being the roof of the house they are searching for.  It was said that during a major flood in the year 1844 the Sutton House completely vanished.  Not only is the house discovered, in tact below ground, but there are also 2 mummified male bodies with gunshot evidence to their chests.

Not only is the finding of the house a big deal but there are secret parties going on around the County with a "new" powerful alcoholic beverage being served.  While Madison decides to go to one of the parties to do some "investigating" there is a gun fight leaving one person dead.

Although Jebbin was hurt as a result of his fall, he is still able to do some work in the lab with dear family friend, Chatty.  This is a very good thing seeing as not only do they have the mummified bodies and artifacts from the house to test, they are also receiving things from the gun fight.

Of course Emory and Madison cannot just sit around and wait for results to develop.  They have to do their own digging....especially when friend Melva is accused of murder.

Melva claims to be a distant relative of the buried home Sutton's and turns to Emory and Madison for help.  Little does she know that both possess the "gift" of finding things out in mysterious ways.

Can they prove Melva is innocent ?  Can they fiqure out how the 2 mummy-men were killed ?  Can they clear the Sutton name ??

I am a book reviewer who should be able to read books quickly.  I was amazed at how quickly I read this series and how much I enjoyed reading them.  Even though there are 2 separate cases involved in The Devil's Flood, Pearl Meaker has a way in her writing to keep you on track, not missing a thing !!!

Review by Missi S.

Sunday 30 October 2016

Cat's Cradle: A Crazy Cat Lady short story by Mollie Hunt

Cat's Cradle: A Crazy Cat Lady short story

Lynley Cannon knows the sound of a cat in trouble, so when she hears plaintive mews coming from a gym bag on the floor of a vacant warehouse, she has no choice but to respond. Lynley isn’t the only one who is after that gym bag. As shots fly, Lynley and Kitten run for their lives in this Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery short story.  (Summary via Goodreads)

What a cute short story by Mollie Hunt.  Cat's Cradle lets the reader get to know Lynley Cannon a little better and shows the reader just how much she adores cats and how far she will go for these animals.

As Lynley is walking she hears a faint meow and in the area that she is in, she knows that it can't be a good thing.  So while she follows the sounds coming from the kitten, she finds that the kitten is in a gym bag in an old warehouse.  Unfortunately the zipper is stuck so she cannot rescue the kitty.  As she ponders what to do she hears footsteps and tries to find a place to hide.  She takes off with the gymbag while someone is shooting at her.

Why is someone shooting at her ?  Why is the kitten stuck inside of a gymbag ?  What else is in the gymbag ?  Is this the end for her ??

For Cat's Cradle being a short story there is a lot going on.  So if you find you have a few minutes of spare time, Cat's Cradle is just right for you !!!  

Review by Missi S.

Thursday 20 October 2016

Cats' Eyes (Crazy Cat Lady #1) by Mollie Hunt

Cats' Eyes (Crazy Cat Lady #1)

What if a retired cat-lady discovered a stolen sixty-eight carat chunk of trouble in her back yard pond?
Lynley Cannon is the crazy cat lady, but she's not quite crazy yet, though a bizarre connection to a bumbled heist and a double homicide has got her wondering in this 1st Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery.
Retiree Lynley Cannon adores her Old Portland home with her clowder of rescue cats, but when elderly Fluffs drags in a dusky brown beach agate that turns out to be a priceless chocolate diamond, things change fast. The uncut stone, one of a pair called the Cats’ Eyes, has been stolen from its wealthy owner, but how it ended up a cat toy, even the robbers cannot guess. Threatened by kidnapping, theft, and murder, Lynley is determined to maintain her serenity, even if it means finding the crooks herself. With the police completely baffled, friends, family, and a hunky humane society investigator come onboard to help. The killer thinks Lynley has the diamonds and will go to any lengths to get them back. Will Lynley live to clean the litter box another day?  (Summary via Goodreads)

After just losing my cat, Sammy, I wasn't sure that reading a book regarding cats in any form would be good.  BOY was I wrong !!!!  Being a "crazy" cat lover myself and having rescued 2 wonderful cats there was so much I could understand and relate to in Cats' Eyes by Mollie Hunt.  If you are a cat lover or even an animal lover and pet owner I HIGHLY recommend grabbing this book.  It is the first in Hunt's Crazy Cat Lady Mystery series and I cannot wait to get my paws on book two, Copy Cats.

Lynley Cannon is the definition of "crazy" cat lady.  She has a handful of cats of her own, she volunteers at a cat-only shelter with her best friend Fannie and she foster's cats.  Although she a huge cat lover and lives in a big house alone with her cats she is far from crazy.

Lynley finds her world turned upside down and she doesn't even know why.  Apparently there are 2 stone-looking diamonds that are brown and resemble a cat's eye and 2 brothers think that she has them.  She actually had one that her cat Fluffs brought in from the backyard.  Her home was broken into but Lynley had no idea why.  She didn't even realize the ONLY thing taken was the rock/diamond.

Lynley gets attacked, kidnapped, drugged, left to die on a mountain and then held captive in her own home and throughout these ordeals the only thing she is worried about is her CATS.  

As a cat lover myself I can totally relate.  Although I usually only have one cat of my own, that one cat is my WORLD !!!  I personally hate going on vacation and leaving them behind and alone.  If that doesn't tell you something.... I suggest you pick up Cats' Eyes and read it.  Then you will understand......

Review by Missi S.

Monday 3 October 2016

The Devil's Hook (Emory Crawford Mysteries Book #2) by Pearl R. Meaker

The Devil's Hook (Emory Crawford Mysteries Book #2)

Life is getting strange in Twombly, Illinois.

Jairus Twombly's familial intuition is faltering and his new personal assistant seems to be trying to replace his wife, Amy.

On the Twombly College campus, someone is breaking into the dorm rooms of female students leaving things instead of taking things: red colored objects including a red golf ball, a red ribbon and a tiny red stuffed dog.

When a recipient of some of the red objects goes missing and is returned after being told, "You're not her", and the personal assistant turns up dead with Amy Twombly's elegant Bloodwood crochet hook in her eye, things heat up for Emory Crawford and her chemist and forensic scientist husband, Dr. Jebbin Crawford.

Emory, along with the Twombly's Nancy Drew-like daughter, Madison, once more turns to her amateur detective skills and intuition to solve the mysteries.  (Summary via Goodreads)

I am totally hooked on the Emory Crawford Mystery series.  And I am not just saying it that way because of the title of Book Two, The Devil's Hook.

In The Devil's Music, Book One in the series, you get to know Emory, the people closest to her, what she is about and you see some of the college that is her home.  But in The Devil's Hook you begin to understand what is so special about Emory and the people around her.  

In The Devil's Hook not only is there a case of someone breaking into female dorms and leaving red colored items but the personal assistant of the President of the college ends up murdered.  No one likes Amy Twombly but when she is arrested for the murder, Emory feels very strongly that she is innocent,  But with only 5 people in the house at the time of the murder, Amy is the only one with motive to want the assistant gone......or is she ?

Emory along with Madison, daughter of the accused, do some investigating of their own to try to clear Amy's name.  

Can Emory find out who is behind the red colored items ?  Can she prove Amy is innocent ?  Does she have the "gift" or is it just plain luck that she gets things right ??

As with all reviews, I could go on and on tell you more and more but then there is no reason for you to want to read this series.  And I want to encourage you to read these books.  Not only are the characters lovable and the setting enjoyable but you will get completely hooked !!!

Review by Missi S.