Monday 31 October 2016


We are seeking someone who LOVES reading Cozy Mysteries and would be willing to help Penny and myself read and review them !!!!  We have been overwhelmed with interest in the blog by authors and publishers.  Reading is not our entire lives, although sometimes we wish it was (hee hee).  Penny and myself have had to focus more of our time on our personal lives therefore reading and the blog have suffered.  Things are looking better and I feel confident that I can again provide my attention to the blog.  Unfortunately there is lots of reading to be had.......

If you are familiar with the blog, you should know that these are NON-paying "jobs".  We aren't in it for money, we are doing this because we LOVE reading and helping others.  By writing a review we are not just helping another reader choose their next book to read but we are also, and most importantly, assisting the writer by promoting their books !!!!

Looking for someone who has a reading device, compatible with Kindle Fire, as the books will be forwarded to you this way.  You will not have to purchase the reading material as I will be receiving them in exchange for an honest review.  This may help with your reading budget some...

If you are interested please email me at :                   

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