Monday 31 October 2016

The Devil's Flood (Emory Crawford Mysteries Book #3) by Pearl R. Meaker

The Devil's Flood (Emory Crawford Mysteries Book #3)

Can a house disappear without a trace?

Emory and Jebbin are with an archeological dig on the shore of Sutton's Lake west of Twombly looking for a house that might only be a legend. Madison Twombly has plans to investigate a "super booze" being handed out at clandestine drinking parties.

When the house is found it contains two mummified bodies. The parties​ stop because a young man is killed in a drunken duel. Emory and Madison realize there are connections between the hundred year old mummies and the current day crime.

Sometimes the past won't stay in the past.  (Summary via Goodreads)

It has been a while since I have read a book, let alone a series, as quickly as I have read the Emory Crawford Mystery series.  To say I couldn't put the books down is absolutely correct !!!  And when I did have the power to put the book down, it was for a very short time.

The Devil's Flood is the third book in this captivating series and Emory again is caught up into mystery and mayheem......but it's so fun !!!

While on an archeological dig Jebbin falls through the ground which ends up being the roof of the house they are searching for.  It was said that during a major flood in the year 1844 the Sutton House completely vanished.  Not only is the house discovered, in tact below ground, but there are also 2 mummified male bodies with gunshot evidence to their chests.

Not only is the finding of the house a big deal but there are secret parties going on around the County with a "new" powerful alcoholic beverage being served.  While Madison decides to go to one of the parties to do some "investigating" there is a gun fight leaving one person dead.

Although Jebbin was hurt as a result of his fall, he is still able to do some work in the lab with dear family friend, Chatty.  This is a very good thing seeing as not only do they have the mummified bodies and artifacts from the house to test, they are also receiving things from the gun fight.

Of course Emory and Madison cannot just sit around and wait for results to develop.  They have to do their own digging....especially when friend Melva is accused of murder.

Melva claims to be a distant relative of the buried home Sutton's and turns to Emory and Madison for help.  Little does she know that both possess the "gift" of finding things out in mysterious ways.

Can they prove Melva is innocent ?  Can they fiqure out how the 2 mummy-men were killed ?  Can they clear the Sutton name ??

I am a book reviewer who should be able to read books quickly.  I was amazed at how quickly I read this series and how much I enjoyed reading them.  Even though there are 2 separate cases involved in The Devil's Flood, Pearl Meaker has a way in her writing to keep you on track, not missing a thing !!!

Review by Missi S.


  1. Sorry I'm a day late commenting, Missi, I just saw the post this morning.

    Thank you so much for all your kind words about my series and The Devil's Flood in particular. :-)

    1. No thank you for writing such a GREAT series. I just hope there will be more.

    2. No thank you for writing such a GREAT series. I just hope there will be more.

    3. Hugs! The plan right now is more Emory Crawford Mysteries. :-)