Thursday 31 March 2016

Silence of the Lamps (Caprice De Luca Mystery #5) by Karen Rose Smith

Silence of the Lamps (Caprice De Luca Mystery #5)

Business has never been better for home stager Caprice De Luca, but her personal life could stand a few renovations. Just when she thought things were getting serious with her boyfriend Grant, his pretty ex-wife swoops into town and nabs his attention. Uncle Dom is living with her parents and desperately needs a new job. And her sister Nikki's catering business is threatened when rival Drew Pierson starts eating away at her share of the market. Things could not possibly get more chaotic when Drew is found  bludgeoned to death by one of his grandmother's antique Tiffany lamps--and Nikki is the number one suspect. Now, Caprice must act fast to illuminate the truth and clear her sister's name--before a cold-blooded killer puts her lights out next…Praise for Deadly Décor.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Silence of the Lamps is the fifth book in the Caprice De Luca mystery series. I have had the pleasure of reading each and every book in this series. I have loved each one! I believe that this one is the best. I say that because each of the characters has grown throughout the series into wonderful additions. 

The author, Karen Rose Smith makes you feel like they are your neighbors and friends. The detail she writes in describing the houses that are being staged is amazing. She goes into such detail about the types of furniture and decor i can't imagine the amount of research that goes into each of these books. 

Caprice's business as a home stager is growing leaps and bounds. Her sisters catering business is also doing well until Drew threatens Niki and try's to take away her clients. All of this takes place at a Bridal Expo where there are a lot of witnesses. Unfortunately Drew ends up dead and guess who finds the body? Yep, Caprice and Niki. They find him dead on the floor of his grandmothers house. Niki had gone there to finally challenge Drew but instead becomes the prime suspect in his murder. The police have told Caprice to stand down and let them handle things. We all know Caprice and know that that is never going to happen and she ends up smack dab in the middle of the investigation. 

On top of all of this she thinks things are getting hot and heavy in her relationship with Grant when the bottom falls out. His ex wife shows up and Caprice can't help but reflect on her past with men and shut down. What will happen with them? Will it be Deja vu for Caprice and Grant go back to his ex or will he choose Caprice??? 

I loved all of the twists and turns and suspense in this book. It will have you wanting to keep reading till the wee hours saying, just one more chapter. I totally enjoy this series and can't wait to see what happens next.

Review by Penny M.

Coconut Creme Murder: Book 2 in The INNcredibly Sweet Series by Summer Prescott

Coconut Creme Murder by Summer Prescott


Not all is as it seems when a mysterious young writer takes up residence at The Beach House B&B to finish writing her novel . Can Missy, Echo and Kel figure out, from reading her previous books, who the dangerous stalker is, before it's too late? This second book in the INNcredibly Sweet Series will have you on the edge of your seat!  (Summary via Goodreads)

Another winner for Summer Prescott! This was a fun, exciting, fast paced read. This book has you on the edge of your seat with suspense and intrigue. 

Again the whole gang is in full swing, Missy, Chas, Echo, Kel, Maggie, Spencer, Fiona, and a new comer Tim. Tim is the quirky owner of the local mortuary. Chas is trying to talk him into becoming the new M.E. for Calgon. Janssen is also back always around to help Spencer but keeping his distance from everyone. I am very curious to see how Janssen plays out being so mysterious and elusive. 

The B&B has been taken over by a horror writer named Izzy Gillmore. She just wants peace and quiet for time to write her new novel. Things don't quite work out like she wanted. She has an obnoxious publisher, Miranda Banks trying to hunt her down, a crazed fan that has been following her and acting out scenes from her books and a handsome Spencer has caught her eye. 
I am hoping these new characters stay around for awhile. Love the story line going on in this series. Looking forward to book three.

Review by Penny M.

Thai Coconut Murder: Book 6 in The Darling Deli Series by Patti Benning

Thai Coconut Murder by Patti Benning

Book 6 in The Darling Deli Series!!! 

Tragedy strikes both deli owner, Moira, and P.I., David, in this suspense-filled tale. A horrific discovery at a Fourth of July party, and the ensuing investigation, spur a series of events that will change Moira’s life forever.  (Summary via Goodreads)

What is not to love about this series? You have wonderful food, mystery, and a little romance. I'd say that is a win in my book. All of these books are well written, fast paced, fun reads. I love where the author is going with the characters.

Moira has found a new employee, Meg who seems to be fitting in at the deli, fingers crossed! With the new hours and Candice going out on her own soon Moira is going to have to start looking for even more help. The relationship between she and David is moving slow but I love the old fashioned charm. She notices David in a sad mood when he comes to visit at the deli. He has just found out that his long time friend, Henry has been found dead in Lake Marion. David is not convinced it was an accidental drowning like the coroner is saying. It just doesn't make sense because he took every precaution and could swim like a fish. Moira is willing to help David out and ask some questions especially since Candice is living upstairs from the toy store Henry owned. His granddaughter has been acting suspicious for weeks and Moira wants to make sure Candice is ok. What has Moira gotten herself into??? Will she and David be able to solve this case before someone else swims with the fish?

Review by Penny M.

Sunday 20 March 2016

The Skeleton Garden (Potting Shed Mystery #4) by Marty Wingate

The Skeleton Garden by Marty Wingate

USA Today bestselling author Marty Wingate’s Potting Shed series continues as expert gardener Pru Parke digs up a Nazi warplane—and a fresh murder.

Texas transplant Pru Parke has put down roots in England, but she never dreamed she’d live in a grand place such as Greenoak. When her former employers offer Pru and her new husband, former Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Pearse, the use of their nineteenth-century estate while they’re away for a year, she jumps at the chance. Sweetening the deal is the prospect of further bonding with her long-lost brother, Simon, who happens to be Greenoak’s head gardener. But the majestic manor has at least one skeleton in its closet—or, rather, its garden.

Working on renovations to the extensive grounds, siblings Pru and Simon squabble about everything from boxwood to bay hedges. But when the removal of a half-dead tree turns up the wreckage of a World War II–era German fighter plane and a pile of bones, the arguments stop. That is, until a rival from Simon’s past pays a surprise visit and creates even more upheaval. It’s suddenly clear someone is unhappy their secrets have been unearthed. Still, Pru’s not about to sit back and let Simon take the fall for the dirty deed without a fight.
  (Summary via Goodreads)

I really enjoy this series. I felt so honored when I was able to read Between a Rock and a Hard Place in this series a few months ago. Now Mary Wingate has blown me away with this new book The Skeleton Garden. I am a reader that loves a bit of history along with a great mystery. This book has it all. I love the character's likability and down to earth attitudes. They feel like they could be your neighbors. I also really enjoy the storyline of Pru and her brother Simon and how each of them are trying to learn each other better. 

In this book Pru and her hubby Chris have the wonderful opportunity to live at Greenoak while the owners are away on a dig. Pru is so excited because she gets to work alongside her brother fixing up the gardens. Simon is the head gardener and I'm sure you can guess there are a few differences of opinion. Thank goodness for Polly, Simon's wife who seems to be a buffer sometimes. 

Then one day while removing a dead tree from the garden they find more than a dead root ball, they find a WWII plane with of course a skeleton. The question is, does the skeleton go with the plane or not? It becomes very apparent that someone wants the past to stay buried when another body is found by the dig site. 

So many secrets and family twists and turns. Who would want to keep the past buried?

Review by Penny M.

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Thursday 17 March 2016

Sunny Side Up (Lake Erie Mysteries #1) by Maureen K. Howard

Sunny Side Up (Lake Erie Mysteries #1)

"Drink in one hand, credit card in the other, and everything else will sort itself out." 
The school year is over and the article deadlines have been met, so best friends, Francie and June, ditch their business attire, grab their flip flops, and head to the lake for some fun in the sun. 
Instead of enjoying a relaxing Memorial Day weekend at Kelleys Island on Lake Erie, this dynamic duo finds themselves in the middle of a murder investigation. They need to find out who burned down their friend's store, discover the identity of the charred corpse found in the wreckage, and clear Francie's husband, Hamm, before he is charged with the crime. 
Fueled up with their favorite snacks of wine and cheese, these adventure-loving ladies manage to keep their eyes open for a bargain, come up with a plan, and even indulge in a bit of romance, all while dodging increasingly dangerous attempts to silence them for good. 
Grab your sunglasses, your favorite cocktail, a copy of Sunny Side Up, and head to the lake with them for an unforgettable weekend adventure.   (Summary vis Goodreads)

With the first line of Chapter 2 being "Did I leave my vibrator on ? Oh wait, I don't own a vibrator, "  how can one NOT continue reading ?

There is so much that I could write about Suuny Side Up but I'm afraid I will spoil it for the readers.  You will fall in love with the friendship of Francie and June immediately.  You will most likely see some of yourself in one of them.  They know how to have fun and unfortunately get into some trouble.  

Francie, June and Francie's husband Hammond are starting the summer off with helping June collect research for her latest writing assignment.  This takes them to Kelley's Island which is a short boat ride from their summer condo.  After enjoying dinner with some old and new friends a fire on the island changes from a nice relaxing, wine induced holiday weekend to Francie and June investrigating to clear Hammond's name.    As they investigate and obtain clues, they get deeper into a very dangerous postiton.  Can they get out before its too late ?   

There are a lot of twists and turns within the book but you have no trouble keeping up.  If anything they make you want to read faster.  This was a book that I almost skipped ahead to see what happened.  But I was strong and just read faster.  I can't wait to dig into Deviled, the second book in the Lake Erie Mysteries and see what trouble the girls get into.

Review by Missi S.

Wednesday 9 March 2016

A Tale of Two Tabbies (Whales and Tails Mystery Book 7) by Kathi Daley

A Tale of Two Tabbies by Kathi Daley

Whales and Tails is a cozy mystery series set on Madrona Island, a fictional island within the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State. As a fourth generation islander Caitlin Hart is struggling to make her way as the economy and culture of the island evolves toward a tourism based industry. Cait lives in a cabin on her aunt's oceanfront estate where she helps her aunt run Harthaven Cat Sanctuary. When she isn't working with the cats, she helps best friend Tara, operate the coffee bar/bookstore/cat lounge they own, named Coffee Cat Books.

In the 7th book in the series, Cait finds a cat locked in the confessional at Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, which leads to the discovery of a body locked in the trunk of a car. Cody is dealing with a life changing decision of his own, and Finn has multiple crimes to deal with, so Cait enlists Tara's help to track down a killer.
  (Summary via Goodreads)

In the latest book in The Whales and Tales cozy series, A Tale of Two Tabbies Madrona Island is awaiting Spring. Spring always brings about new beginnings but unfortunately one member of the island will not see its appearance. 

While Cait and Cody are at choir practice they find Theresa's cat Sydney locked in a confessional and Theresa nowhere to be found. Odd thing because she is the pianist so after practice Cait and Cody go over to Theresa's house to check on her and bring Sydney back. To there shock they find the house in disarray and no Theresa! They then get Finn involved and he finds Theresa at Saint Patrick's Catholic Church parking lot in the trunk of her car dead. 

People aren't always as they seem and some secrets may need to stay buried or people will pay the ultimate price. 

There are a lot of twists and turns and emotions in this book. The residents on Madrona Island are having hard decisions to make that will affect everyone. 

Will Cait and her sleuthing get her into trouble or worse the next victim? 

Keep your hats on because Spring is coming in like a lion!!!

Review by Penny M.

Sunday 6 March 2016

Irish Creme Killer: Book 1 in The INNcredibly Sweet Series by Summer Prescott

Irish Creme Killer: Book 1 in The INNcredibly Sweet Series

Summer Prescott Books is thrilled to announce the first book in the INNcredibly Sweet Series – Irish Crème Killer!!! For those of you who love Missy, Chas and the rest of the gang from the Frosted Love series, this next chapter in their story will take you on a wild ride through the Catskills, as Chas revisits his well-heeled past. Spencer and Janssen team up to face a most unexpected villain in this fast-paced tale of greed, jealousy and intrigue. (Summary via Goodreads)

I'm in love with this new series. Chas is an amazing husband and realizes that Missy is overwhelmed with her bakery Cupcakes in Paradise. He decides to take her and Echo,Kel,and Spencer to a luxury resort that used to be owned by Kel's grandfather. All the rich and famous go to this resort to get pampered. The security is incredible but will it really work? Chas then surprises everyone with a trip to his childhood home. There the guys are in heaven and quite literally drooling over the car collection that Chas owns. His father left it to him when he passed. The best part is they get to drive which ever car they want now and in the annual event called The Pinnacle Classic at the resort. At least the girls are catching up on some spa time for a little while before all heck breaks loose on this vacation. Just when you think all is well, a murder occurs and Chas is the prime suspect per a blast from his past, a detective he went to school with years ago. Can they really think Chas is a murderer? 

No worries, Spencer and his buddy Janssen are there to try and get to the bottom of things before someone else gets hurt or worse murdered! 

This book has everything from mystery and murder to suspense and intrigue plus secrets like who really is Chalmer??? I can't wait to keep reading this series to find out. 

Review by Penny M.

Chicken Pesto Murder: Book 5 in The Darling Deli Series by Patti Benning

Chicken Pesto Murder: Book 5 in The Darling Deli Series

Summer Prescott Books proudly presents: Book 5 in The Darling Deli Series

Life in Maple Creek goes to the dogs as multiple pets turn up missing, but that’s the least of deli owner, Moira Darling’s worries. A retiring detective is missing, and the police are casting suspicious glances at Moira’s friend, David. Determined not to become involved, the deli owner is nonetheless swept up into non-stop action and intrigue in this 5th book of The Darling Deli Series.
  (Summary via Goodreads)

This series is so much excitement and intrigue you have to hold on while reading. 

In this installment of The Darling Deli Series, Moira actually has not one mystery to solve but two. First purebred dogs are going missing and David, her hunky PI is stumped. Then Detective Fitzgerald goes missing just before his retirement party???

After they find that he is actually not missing but dead all the evidence is pointing to David. What in the heck is going on in Maple Creek??? Are these two cases connected? Moira has a lot on her mind right now. Uuuggghhhh She maybe expanding her hours, her daughter will be leaving soon, and she is now questioning who she can trust. 

No spoilers but I Love, Love, Love the ending. Can't wait for book six.

Review by Penny M.

Grilled Cheese Murder: Book 4 in The Darling Deli Series by Patti Benning

Grilled Cheese Murder: Book 4 in The Darling Deli Series

Summer Prescott Books is pleased to announce the 4th book in The Darling Deli Series!!! 

It's the one that you've been waiting for... 

The mystery behind deli-worker Dante's strange behavior is revealed in this tasty tale. (Summary via Goodreads)

Love this series! Once you start you can't stop. This is book four in The Darling Deli Series and it explains somethings about a certain mysterious employee, Dante.

Moira's deli is doing great even with all the dead bodies that seem to show up. Candice and her candy store are coming together and she is becoming a very responsible adult. But the most exciting news is Moira and David finally went on a real date! YEAH!!! Then the bottom drops out when Moira receives a phone call during dinner to come down to the station to identify a body??? Who could it be and why would she have been listed as emergency contact?? 

The mystery gets very mysterious when she realizes it is not Dante. Where is he and who is the dead guy in his apartment? 

You will be hanging on every word of this book to try and figure out this mystery. Will Moira or someone she cares about be the next victim?

Review by Penny M.