Tuesday 12 April 2022

Night of the Were-Cat (A Cat Groomer Mystery Book 6) by Eileen Watkins

Cassie McGlone’s Comfy Cats grooming service can turn a scruffy stray into a glamorous Cat-dashian. But with a drug-peddling killer at loose in her picturesque hometown of Chadwick, New Jersey, she’ll need to comb through some dangerous suspects to avert a catastrophe . . .

To an animal lover like Cassie, all cats are beautiful . . . though some may be more photogenic than others. When a customer brings in Quentin, a Maine Coon who looks more wolf than feline, it gives Cassie an idea. The owner of Chadwick’s retro movie theater wants to promote an upcoming werewolf movie marathon—how about a werewolf lookalike contest for pets?

Things are getting hairy around Chadwick in other ways too. A thief targets the clinic where Cassie’s veterinarian boyfriend Mark works, making off with anesthetics. Soon after, a young woman dies in a related drug incident. Wanting to help the police, Cassie and her good friend, Dawn, go undercover on the singles scene to investigate a suspected “party drug” ring, getting Mark’s protective hackles up. But the villain may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing—someone Cassie knows and trusts. And if her sleuthing skills aren’t up to scratch, the culprit may slink away to kill again . . .  (Summary via Amazon)

Night of the Were-Cat by Eileen Watkins will have you holding your breathe and on the edge of your seat.  Night of the Were-Cat is the sixth book in her Cat Groomer Mystery series and it will have the hair on the back of your neck standing up !!

The Cat Groomer Mystery series follows main character Cassie as she runs her cat groomer and boarding business, dates a local veterinarian, hangs with her best friend Dawn, and gets in the middle of a murder investigation.  And in Night of the Were-Cat she gets too close to the killer for anyone's comfort !!

In the Night of the Were-Cat it is almost Halloween and everyone is excited for a new venture....the local movie theater has a new owner and he wants to bring more business to the theater so he is running old Halloween movies and when a cat that looks like a werewolf is brought into Cassie's Comfy Cats, Cassie gets the idea to run a werewolf lookalike contest for all animals non-canine.  Seeing as the town is already doing a dog parade it only seemed fair.

Little did Cassie know that Mark's veterinarian clinic was going to be robbed of medicines and someone was going to overdose on those drugs and Cassie was going to get in deep in the investigation......but everyone should have guessed that seeing as that is exactly what she does and seeing as someone very close to her is affected, it should have come as no surprise.

The Cat Groomer Mystery series has so much that readers will love.  Once you start reading you become an instant fan and want to return to Cassie's Comfy Cats and Chadwick, New Jersey as often as you can.  And a little thing called murder only adds to the appeal.....you will want to make sure the case is solved and everyone involved gets justice.

Review by Missi M.

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