Tuesday 19 April 2022

A Book Signing To Die For (Cozy Mysteries To Die For #1) by Judy Moore

Beck O’Rourke and her grandmother own Beach Reads bookstore and coffee shop, a gathering place for locals and tourists, a block off the ocean in Manatee Beach, Florida.

They live above the bookstore with Beck’s feisty younger sister, Lizzie, a lifeguard. Beck is excited to host the country’s bestselling cozy mystery writer for a book signing event until a member of the audience turns up dead later that night.

Afterward, Beck decides to pursue her lifelong dream of being a detective to try to catch the killer. The amateur sleuth finds several suspects, but the murderer isn’t happy about her interference.

Neither is the town’s handsome new police detective who has a history with Beck.
   (Summary via Goodreads)

As soon as you start reading A Book Signing To Die For by Judy Moore you will feel like you were swept away to the little beach town in Manatee Beach, Florida.  A Book Signing To Die For is the first book in her Cozy Mysteries to Die For series and you will be in love !!!

In A Book Signing To Die For main character Beck O'Rourke and her grandmother are getting reading for an author book signing in their bookstore Beach Reads and there are a lot of people who are excited.   Unfortunately a woman, Peggy, who is there on vacation with her son, Joe, and daughter-in-law Lisa ends up dead behind the jewelry store next door.  Another shock is when the detective assigned to the case ends up being an old college classmate of Beck's and they have some awkward history.

Beck cannot help but feel guilty that someone who had attended an event at her bookstore ended up dead afterwards and feels even worse seeing as she convinced her to come to the event after meeting her in the afternoon of the event.  Beck takes it upon herself to look into Peggy's past to try to piece together why she was killed.....especially after the police seem to be going in a totally different direction.

Readers will love A Book Signing To Die For and everything in it.  Once you start reading it you will feel like you are right there along side Beck hanging out in Beach Reads and running around Manatee Beach.  A Book Signing To Die For is the perfect start to a very captivating story that you will want to jump into the book and never leave !!!

Review by Missi M.

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