Monday 4 April 2022

FOREVER SILENCED by Richard S. Cohen

FOREVER SILENCED is a humorous and entertaining Cozy Mystery. In follow-up to his nonfiction work, THE LOVE DRUG: MARCHING TO THE BEAT OF ECSTASY, Richard S. Cohen has, once again, put pen to paperthis time in the form of a novel written in a playful and clever way.

Willem Gerhardt is a renowned psychologist with the most prestigious recognitions.  He is also the adopted son of the widely known, Elizabeth Gerhardt
sole heiress of a billionaire. Up until now, Dr. Gerhardt has lived a "rich life" in every way, or so it seems.

When a young patient claims she was sexually assaulted, a local farmer is formally charged. But days after his acquittal, he is found dead.

Dr. Gerhardt's life has come full circle upon returning to the very same place he was born
East Texas State Penitentiary. Charged with murder, he is forced to face the depths of a complex past.

Is blood truly thicker than water? What significance do memories really hold? Is a flower just "a flower"?  Are psychics real? Can anyone be trusted?

In a heartwarming story that touches upon every emotion, FOREVER SILENCED takes readers on an enjoyable and ever so memorable journey.  (Summary via Amazon)

Forever Silenced by Richard S. Cohen is labeled as a cozy mystery but after reading it I have to say it is more of a psychological thriller......  

In Forever Silenced Willem is a some what troubled eight year old boy bouncing from foster home to foster home looking for his forever home which he finds with Elizabeth Gerhardt.  And ever though Elizabeth knows very little about Willem and his past, she welcomes him into her home and life.  Throughout his young life, Willem exhibits some unusual behaviors that doctors cannot explain.  The only person to give Willem and his mother any answers is Miss Sophia......

In Forever Silenced readers are first introduced to Willem briefly when he is sitting in a prison cell awaiting trial for a crime he did not commit.  Then readers get to know Willem as a child when he gets adopted by Ms. Gerhardt.   Throughout the story Cohen takes the readers back in time to when Willem was a child growing up with Ms. Gerhardt as well as what Willem is going through as he stands trial.

Forever Silenced is not a typical cozy but will keep readers on their toes.  Luckily you will be so engrossed in Willem's story that you will not even notice.  And when you do get to the end of the story I guarantee that you will close the book, sit back and ask yourself what you just read.  Cohen takes the readers down a hair raising, white knuckled twisty road and you will love it !!!!

Review by Missi M.

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