Sunday 31 January 2021

Murder beyond the Precipice (Precipice, #2) by Penny Goetjen


From the moment Elizabeth Pennington arrives at the sleepy seaside inn for a friend’s wedding, she can tell something is off. 

When the groom fails to show for his nuptials, it seems to be a case of cold feet. But when the innkeeper’s young wife goes missing, there’s talk of a connection. Could it be a secret love tryst between them? Or has an uninvited guest brought a deadly agenda instead of a wedding gift? As Elizabeth delves for answers, it becomes clear there’s a dark past that locals would do anything to keep hidden, along with the scars left behind. 

See why critics and readers alike are raving about the suspense novels of multi national award-winning storyteller Penny Goetjen. 

“Goetjen is a competent writer who keep things moving along, throwing in hints of the preternatural that add to the overall ambiance … worth a read.” 
—Kirkus Reviews

“Filled with colorful characters who make an interesting mix, the mood of the tale can suddenly go from sunny and breezy to dark and terrifying. Murder beyond the Precipice is a fun, captivating mystery.” 
—Dale T. Phillips, Author of the Zack Taylor Mysteries

FINALIST in the Indie Excellence Book Awards and the American Fiction Awards.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Murder beyond the Precipice by Penny Goetjen is the second book in the Precipice series and if you read the first book, Murder on the Precipice, you know that you will be shocked throughout reading it.

Murder beyond the Precipice finds main character Elizabeth Pennington taking a well deserved weekend off from her interior designing business in Conneticut to go to a wedding for a friend from high school.  Seeing as the wedding is in Maine she figures she will connect with another friend, Rashelle.  But when she gets into town and Rashelle isn't answering her phone, Elizabeth is forced to get a room at the inn where the wedding is going to take place.

Unfortunately anything that could go wrong during the weekend does...including a missing groom, missing inn owner, Elizabeth unable to reach Rashelle, weird happenings at the inn and is Elizabeth seeing ghosts ??  Elizabeth knows that she should leave and go back to Conneticut where her attention needs to be focused on her new business but when someone asks her to help find her friend, the missing inn owner, she feels that she is needed in Maine.  Unfortunately things spiral out of control and go downhill quickly and when she is given the chance to leave it all behind, something pulls her to stay.....

Goetjen has such an amazing talent in drawing the reader into the story.  Readers will be powerless to put this book down until they get to the end, which is very explosive in a good way !!  Goetjen's knack with putting words together to open readers minds will keep you faithfully by Elizabeth's side just like her dog, Buddy, does.  I need to recover, like Elizabeth, from this weekend adventure but it won't be long before I am moving on to the next book in this series, Murder Returns to the Precipice.....won't you join me ??

Review by Missi M.

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