Sunday 3 January 2021

Calamity at Kryme Cottage: A Belinda Lawrence Mystery (Belinda Lawrence Mystery #8) by Brian Kavanagh

A mysterious woman in black, appears at night.
Arriving in horse and carriage.
Stays at Kyrme Cottage, then at night – disappears.
She always wears black lace.
Abbey Combe's new Vicar vanishes overnight.
A corpse found buried in the garden.
Murder in Richmond Park.
And the link with Jane Austen!

These mysteries confront amateur sleuths, Belinda Lawrence and Hazel Whitby in the Somerset village of Milford.
Among the eccentrics is the shadowy Madam Malefic.

She's nuttier than any fruit cake Escoffier ever baked.  (Summary via Goodreads)

I cannot lie, nor would I really even want to, so when I say that I am a HUGE fan of Brian Kavanagh and his Belinda Lawrence Mystery series, you can 100% believe me !!

Calamity at Kryme Cottage is the eighth book in this series and having read all of the books, I am very familiar with Belinda, her life, her friends and her experiences but Kavanagh knows how to always bring the shock factor into his books.

In Calamity at Kryme Cottage Belinda's business partner and friend, Hazel is staying with Belinda while she has some renovations done to her apartment.  At the same time a new neighbor moves in next door and the small village of Milford also has a new Vicar.  While they are getting use to all of these new changes, a lot of people are showing an intense interest in an abandoned, run down property, the Kryme Cottage.  Little do they know that this place holds very old secrets, secrets some are looking to uncover while others will do anything to keep secret....even kill for !!

Belinda and Hazel are again pulled into the middle of all of the chaos and won't stop until they figure out what is going on and when a body is found buried in Belinda's garden, they will stop at nothing to find out who it is and why they were murdered and buried in her garden.

The Belinda Lawrence Mystery series books can be read in one sitting or readers can read them slower to make them last.  Even though they can be read in one sitting does not take away the fact that they are packed with explosive stories and captivating situations.  Once you open one of these books, you are taken away to Milford and sitting with Belinda and Hazel in front of the fireplace sipping on a cocktail discussing the day.  I highly recommend getting lost in this amazing series !!

Review by Missi M.

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