Wednesday 27 January 2021

Claw & Disorder (A Cat Groomer Mystery #5) by Eileen Watkins

Expert groomer Cassie McGlone knows how to handle even the feistiest of felines, but their owners are a different tale . . .

Around the quaint town of Chadwick, New Jersey, are two families in need of Cassie’s help. Wealthy perfectionist Gillian Foster is orchestrating the restoration of her family’s nineteenth century home and wants her purebred Himalayan, Leya, boarded at Cassie’s Comfy Cats. Meanwhile, the elderly Tillmans are in dire straits, hoarding possessions and a clowder of cats in their run-down house. Perhaps Cassie can persuade the couple to surrender a few of their furry friends. Unfortunately, neither task is cut and dried . . .

Mrs. Tillman is mysteriously asphyxiated in the night, and suspicion falls on her husband—and their cats. Meanwhile, the Fosters host a banquet for the local historical society, and when one of their guests falls gravely Gillian is convinced someone is out to get her. After a second death occurs, it’s clear a killer isn’t pussyfooting around. Now it’s up to Cassie to get these houses in order before disaster pounces again . . .  (Summary via Goodreads)

Claw & Disorder by Eileen Watkins is the fifth book in her Cat Groomer Mystery series and boy is main character Cassie McGlone a very busy person !!

Cassie McGlone owns her own business, Cassie's Comfy Cats, where she boards and grooms cats only.  She has one assistant, Sarah, who is just as dedicated to cats and animals as Cassie is.  Cassie is dating the local veterinarian Mark and her best friend Dawn also owns her own business Nature's Way.  Cassie is busy just doing regular work and personal things but when someone needs her help she will do so no matter what !!  In Claws & Disorder she gets herself involved in two different situations that turn deadly !!

Sarah, Cassie's assistant, asks her to visit the home of the Tillmans.  Chester and Bernice Tillman are an elderly couple who live in an old house with too much clutter and too many cats.  Bernice has asthma and all the cats do not help her situation and the house can very well be considered a hoarders home.  Sarah and a friend are helping the Tillman's clean up the house and ask Cassie to come help as well as help with the number of inside and outside cats on the property.  

Cassie is also hired to board a cat for a week while it's owners prepare for a reception for their nineteenth century home restoration.  When Cassie returns the cat in time for the party, she is asked to say and while there a member of the party gets sick after eating the food and is rushed to the hospital.

In both cases Cassie dives head first trying to make things better unfortunately when Bernice is found suffocated to death, Cassie feels the need to help.  Especially when the local police aren't taking Chester seriously when he says someone is coming into the house at night and stealing things.  Cassie calls on her friend Detective Angela Bonelli to look into the case even though it is outside her jurisdiction.

Readers will fall instantly in love with this book as well as the series.  If you are a fan of this series already, you know that Watkins has that knack of drawing the reader into the story and you feel like you are right there in the middle of it all with Cassie.  And Cassie and her life are made so interesting that readers again fall instantly in love with her.  Readers will be rooting for Cassie to solve the crime and bring justice to the wronged party.  And Watkins makes you want to return to this series whenever she has a new one to read......

Review by Missi M.


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