Monday 25 May 2020

To Kill a Mocking Girl (Bookbinding Mystery #1) by Harper Kincaid

To Kill a Mocking Girl (Bookbinding Mystery #1)
Bookbinder Quinn finds herself in trouble when her ex's fiance turns up dead and if she's not careful, her days might be numbered.

Quinn Victoria Caine is back in her quirky town of Vienna, Virginia, starting her new life as a bookbinder in her family-owned, charm-for-days bookshop, Prose & Scones. With her trusty German Shephard RBG-'Ruff Barker' Ginsburg by her side, what can go wrong? Okay, sure, bumping into her ex, Scott, or her former high school nemesis, Tricia, is a drag. It certainly doesn't help they have acquired the new hobby of shoving their recent engagement in her face every chance they get. But that doesn't mean Quinn wanted to find Tricia dead in the road. So why does half the town think she may have done it?

Quinn is determined to find Tricia's killer, even if it means partnering with her cousin-turned-nun, Sister Daria, and Detective Aiden Harrington, her older brother's too-movie-star-handsome-for-his-own good, best friend. They believe she's innocent, but of course that doesn't influence the police, who peg her as their prime suspect. Or, at least until she's poisoned.

But there is no way Quinn is going to stop now. Vienna is her town and-for better or worse-Tricia was one of their own. Someone may have killed the mocking girl, but no one's going to stop the notorious QVC.
   (Summary via Goodreads)

Okay two things I will tell you right up front about To Kill a Mocking Girl by Harper Kincaid is that even though it is a cozy mystery and not a love story, readers are going to be rooting for main character Quinn and police detective Aiden from the get go.  Their chemistry is off the charts electric !!  (but that doesn't have a chance with their stupidity level unfortunately).  The other thing I will tell you right away before you open the book and start reading is that there is no way you are going to figure out who the criminal don't even try to figure it out.  Just sit in your comfy chair and start reading.......

There is so much to love when reading To Kill a Mocking Girl.  You will love Quinn and her family.  She has her parents, her brother, Bass,  and her cousin Sister Daria and her aunt and uncle.  Her parents own a great store that she works at, Prose and Scones.  She is a bookbinding genuis !!  She lives in a barn turned house with her german sheperd, RBG.   She lives in a quaint little town in Vienna, Virginia.  She has a great relationship with her cousin Sister Daria and loves her life pretty much.

Unfortunately the day after her ex-boyfriend Scott announces his engagement to Tricia, she is found dead.  Tricia and her twin sister, Trina are real estate agents and long-time bullies to Quinn.  Even though they had bad history, that doesn't mean that Quinn would want one of them dead.  Things don't sit well with Quinn regarding the murder especially seeing as her and RBG are the ones to find Tricia's body and heard a car leaving the scene.  After Quinn learns that there was a death 6 months ago, she can't help but wonder if the two are connected.  

So while Quinn and Sister Daria try to investigate, Aiden tries to stress that it is not their job to solve the case and wants Quinn to stay out of it and stay safe.  Unfortunately when RBG is targeted, Quinn goes into overdrive trying to figure things out.

Readers will love everything about To Kill a Mocking Girl.....even the friction between Quinn and Aiden.  Harper really throws readers off when they think they know who is behind everything.  You will be thoroughly shocked when you finally see who is the mastermind involved !!  There is no way you will see it coming !!!    I will definitely be on the look out for future books in this series !!! 

Review by Missi M.

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