Tuesday 19 May 2020

20 Questions with Authors : Jenna St. James

Jenna St. James  writes in the genres of cozy/paranormal cozy/romantic comedy. Her series include the Ryli Sinclair mystery series, the Sullivan Sisters mystery series, the Copper Cove mystery series, and the new Trinity Falls romantic comedy series. She is also one of five authors who write the A Witch in Time series.

Books in the Ryli Sinclair Mystery series are  (so far)  :

Picture Perfect Murder
Girl's Night Out Murder
Old-Fashioned Murder
Bed, Breakfast, and Murder
Veiled in Murder
Bachlorettes and Bodies
Rings, Veils, and Murder
Next Stop Murder
Gold, Frankincense, and a Merry Murder
Heartache, Hustle, and Homicide

The Sullivan Sisters Mystery series has 7 books in that series (so far) and they are :

Murder on the Vine
Burning Hot Murder
Prepear to Die
Tea Leaves, Jealousy and Murder
Flames, Frames and Murder
Playing Tricks on Murder
Whispering Walls & Murder

Jenna and her step-daughter, Maddy Maddson have written 2 books (so far) in the Copper Cove Mystery series and they are :

Seaside and Homicide
Merriment and Murder 

Jenna said "This was a ton of fun!!" but after reading some of her answers I'm thinking I know her too well and some of the things she likes have me scared.....what about you ??

1.  What is your favorite color ?  Greens, blues, and pinks

2.  Sunset or sunrise ?  Sunrise

3.  Coffee, tea or soda ?  Coffee (with Irish cream)

4.  What is your favorite movie ?  Any "B" movie--sharks, bugs, spiders

5.  What are your favorite toppings on pizza ?  Spinach, onions, tomatoes, pesto

6.  Cake or pie ? What is your favorite ?   Cake--anything boozy and chocolate!!

7.  Favorite author (besides yourself) ?  Sandra Hill and LyVyrle Spencer--because of their books, I yearned to be an author
8.  Horror movie or chick flick ??  Both!! Like...Killer Comedy Chicks from Outer Space!

9.  Cat or dog person ? Do you have any ? If so, what and names please....  We have a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever dog named Brownie; a tuxedo cat named Whiskey, and a tarantula named Legs

10.  Ideal vacation ?   Ireland! We were supposed to go this October to do a hand-fasting ceremony, but that has since been canceled! It's always been my dream, just have to wait a little longer!

11.  Camping or 5 star hotel ?  Camping--only because I'm always outvoted! LOL

12.  Favorite season and why ?  Autumn. I love the beautiful colors and the crisp mornings. Perfect coffee and hot tea weather.

13.  Name ONE thing you are afraid of ....  Failure

14.  Name ONE thing you cannot live without....  Booze. LOL. I mean, my family!!

15.  What was your favorite subject in school ?  English
16.  What was your least favorite subject in school ?  The only two classes I ALMOST failed... Home Economics and PE! LOL

17.  What movie have you seen more than once ?  ANY spider, shark, insect sci fi movie.

18.  What is your guilty pleasure ?  (Can't be an answer already given...)  Decadent chocolates and amazing red wine!

19.  Who is your celebrity crush ?  Dwayne Johnson!!

20.  Tell us something we don't know that you would like people to know about you ...... I love to laugh and enjoy life!

To learn more about Jenna and her books go to :  https://jennastjames.com/

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