Tuesday 26 May 2020

20 Questions with Authors : Joyce Tremel

Joyce Tremel was a police secretary for 10 years and more than once envisioned the demise of certain co-workers, but settled on writing as a way to keep herself out of jail.

She is the author of the Brewing Trouble Mystery series and there are 3 books in that series (so far).  They are :

To Brew or Not to Brew
Tangled Up in Brew
A Room With A Brew

Here is how she answered the personal questions....

1.  What is your favorite color ?  I'm not sure I have a favorite exactly, but in clothing I tend to wear black, purple, and raspberry.

2.  Sunset or sunrise ?  Sunrise 

3.  Coffee, tea or soda ?  Definitely coffee, and lots of it.

4.  What is your favorite movie ?  I have a few favorites: The Sting, Dirty Dancing, Casablanca, Gettysburg, Downton Abbey (the series and the movie).

5.  What are your favorite toppings on pizza ?  I love Hawaiian pizza, followed by pepperoni and green peppers.

6.  Cake or pie ? What is your favorite ?  Cake

7.  Favorite author (besides yourself) ?  Annette Dashofy, who is a good friend and writes the Zoe Chambers mysteries.

8.  Horror movie or chick flick ??   Neither! Give me a good mystery or crime story. Or anything WWII related.

9.  Cat or dog person ? Do you have any ? If so, what and names please....  Cat. My previous cat Layla (the cat Hops in my series is based on her) died a few years ago. We're thinking about getting a couple of kittens soon.

10.  Ideal vacation ?  A few days in Gettysburg.

11.  Camping or 5 star hotel ?  Definitely hotel. You couldn't pay me enough to sleep outside or in a tent!

12.  Favorite season and why ?  Fall. I love the colors. 

13.  Name ONE thing you are afraid of ....  Drowning. I won't go in water that I can't stand up in.

14.  Name ONE thing you cannot live without....  Coffee

15.  What was your favorite subject in school ?  English

16.  What was your least favorite subject in school ?  Math

17.  What movie have you seem more than once ?  The movie I've seen the most is Gettysburg. We watch it at least once a year.

18.  What is your guilty pleasure ?  (Can't be an answer already given...)  Craft beer.

19.  Who is your celebrity crush ?  Hmm. I'm not sure I have one!

20.  Tell us something we don't know that you would like people to know about you ......  This is a tough one. Most people don't know that I have a second degree blackbelt in Taekwondo.  

To learn more about her and her books go to :  http://www.joycetremel.com/

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