Thursday 28 May 2020

Marshmallow Malice (Amish Candy Shop Mystery #5) by Amanda Flower

Marshmallow Malice  (Amish Candy Shop Mystery #5)
Caught in a sticky situation . . .

With Juliet Brody and Reverend Brook tying the knot in Ohio’s Amish Country’s most anticipated nuptials of the year, Bailey King is determined to do everything in her power to make the event a sweet success. Except midsummer heat waves and outdoor ceremonies don’t mix, and an exasperated Bailey soon finds herself struggling to fulfill bridesmaid duties and keep her stunning marshmallow-frosted wedding cake from becoming a gooey disaster. Then much to everyone’s shock, the entire ceremony crumbles when a guest drops dead, and the cause isn’t sunstroke . . .

Turns out, the uninvited victim came equipped with lots of dirt on the devout reverend’s hidden past. As Reverend Brook tops the murder suspect list on what should have been the happiest day of his life, Bailey and her sheriff’s deputy boyfriend vow to clear his name. Can the duo boil down a series of baffling clues before Juliet considers her marriage a bad mistake—or the killer whips up another deadly surprise?   (Summary via Goodreads)

Ever since Bailey King moved back to Harvest, Ohio to help her grandmother in the family's shop, Swissmen Sweets, there has never been a dull moment.....and she moved there from New York City !!  Bailey's grandmother is Amish and Harvest has a lot of Amish residents as well as business owners.  Bailey is learning to live with English and Amish people and their lifestyles and differences.  One good thing about this is that the Amish trust Bailey.....and not her boyfriend, Deputy Aiden Brody.

In Marshmallow Malice by Amanda Flower Aiden's mother is marrying Reverend Brook and Bailey and Aiden are in the wedding party as maid of honor and best man along with Juliet's comfort animal, Jethro the pig.  Bailey and the shop also made the wedding cake.  During the wedding ceremony a woman bursts in and calls the Reverend a traitor before she is escorted out.   The wedding continues without any more outbursts and it looks like things are going to go as planned until Bailey notices the cake start to slip.  She tries to save the cake from falling and being destroyed but ends up in a big pile of marshmallow.  She leaves the reception to run home to change and sees the woman that caused the outburst during the ceremony having trouble walking along the street before argueing with a gentlemen and getting into his car.  Bailey wonders if she should have done something to stop her from getting into the car and when she discovers the woman's body on the front steps of the church the next morning, she decides to find out who killed her and bring peace to her.

It's a good thing Bailey's best friend Cass is visiting from the city so that she can keep Bailey out of trouble....or get her deeper into it.  Bailey has a good relationship with the Amish community and that helps when she finds a connection between the Amish and the dead woman.  Unfortunately there is also a connection between Reverend Brooks and the dead woman.  Bailey doesn't want to cause the newleyweds any more problems so her and Cass do some digging into the womans past and what they find could make things worse for a lot of people.

Marshmallow Malice is the fifth book in the Amish Candy Shop Mystery series and every time readers pick up a book in this series, you are taken to a quaint town where Amish buggies travel the road with the cars and trucks and the Amish have businesses and stores among the English residents.  They all live peacefully among each other until there is a murder.  The Amish do not trust the police and feel that if an Amish person commits a crime, they will deal with punishment as they see fit not how the law dictates.  This makes it hard for Aiden and the police to solve crimes involving the Amish.  Therefore Bailey who knows the community, their way of living, and is trusted because of her grandparents can talk to them and even get answers to questions for the police.

I love every time that I can open up a book in this series because I know I am in for a treat.  There is so much to keep the readers attention.  Readers cannot help but fall in love with everything this series has to offer.  You will look forward to every time that you can escape to Harvest, Ohio.....just don't go chasing pigs into the woods !!!!

Review by Missi M.

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