Thursday 25 June 2020

The Poppy Drop: A Lily List Mystery (Lily List Mysteries Book 1) by C.L. Bauer

The Poppy Drop: A Lily List Mystery (Lily List Mysteries Book 1)

Florist Lily Schmidt can handle just about any emergency if it involves flowers, but when a box of hydrangeas she needs for a wedding is actually a drug shipment gone wrong, she could risk everything. Her business... her life... and even her heart.
Handsome DEA agent Devlin Pierce’s plan is to solve the shipment mystery in a couple of days and collect the puzzle pieces to take down the bad guys. But he has entered the world of weddings and flowers; Lily’s world. The woman with her lists and post-it notes is not his type, but he’s finding it harder to imagine a day without her. He may have just found the one thing he wasn’t looking for.
   (Summary via Goodreads)

The Poppy Drop by C.L. Bauer is the first book in the Lily List Mystery series and it is different that other cozy mysteries in that there isn't a murder to's missing drugs !!!  And the focus is on a florist !

Lily Schmidt owns the flower shop named Lily's and it has been in her family since 1939.  Lily takes her job seriously, making daily to do lists and following them religiously.  Her main source of income is from weddings.  It is her goal to make sure the bride and everyone involved has beautiful flowers for that special day.

Lily's life is basically centered around her shop and her lists until one day after receiving an order of flowers directly from the airport and not from her wholesaler because the first order was wilted beyond repair does her world turn upside down !!  Little does she know that in this new order drugs were packed in with the flowers.  After the store is broken into, Lily meets a DEA agent assigned to the case however all he does is lie to her.  Apparently there are two bricks of drugs missing from the package from the airport and the Cartel is very anxious to get them back.  Unfortunately DEA Agent Devlin Pierce doesn't tell Lily the entire story leaving her in the dark......until it is almost too late !!

Reader's will love the cat and dog relationship between Lily and Devlin.  There will be a lot of times the readers will get just as frustrated as Lily or Devlin do.  The Poppy Drop is just as much a romance novel as it is a cozy mystery and readers will enjoy that balance.   I will warn readers that you will have to check your breathing while you read this book because there will be numerous times that you will find yourself holding your breath !!

I thoroughly enjoyed The Poppy Drop and look forward to seeing where Bauer takes Lily and Devlin and their to do lists......

Review by Missi M.

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