Saturday 20 June 2020

Dial M for Maine Coon (A Furever Pets Mystery #2) by Alex Erickson

Dial M for Maine Coon

Animal rescue is always risky business, but Liz Denton, owner of the Furever Pets, finds out it’s also dangerous when someone puts down one of her prospective pet adopters . . .

Liz is thrilled to find a forever home for her latest rescue, Sheamus, a Maine Coon cat. But on adoption day, she discovers Sheamus’s would-be owner, Joe Hitchcock, murdered in his study. Joe’s shocking death reveals an even more startling secret: his real name was Joe Danvers . . . a man accused of killing his wife thirty years ago.

Liz knows she should focus on finding Sheamus a new home, but this mystery already has its claws in her. So Liz begins vetting the clues from both investigations. But with a stalker sniffing at her heels and a rival swatting at her business, Liz’s curiosity may come at a hefty price . . . especially since Joe’s case has more lives than a cat.   (Summary via Goodreads)

Dial 'M' for Maine Coon is the second book in the Furever Pets Mystery series by Alex Erickson and I LOVED it !!

Main character Liz Denton owns Furever Pets which is an adoption agency for hard to place animals.  Animals that may be older or have a health issue are Liz's main focus.  She is married to a veterinarian, which helps with Furever Pets because he examines the animals before they get adopted, and they have two children.  Ben is in his early twenties and he helps his dad out at the veternary clinic and Amelia is a little younger and is studying to be a private investigator and they both still live at home.  Liz also has a cat, Wheels, who wears a harrness and wheels as back legs but that doesn't stop her at all !!

In Dial 'M" for Maine Coon Liz is taking Sheamus, a big fluffy Maine Coon with a sneezing issue to his forever home with a gentleman named Joe Hitchcock.  Unfortunately when Liz gets to Joe's house to drop of Sheamus, she finds Joe dead.  

Liz soon learns that Joe Hitchcock is not his real name.  His real name was Joe Danvers and he has been hiding for over 30 years.  His wife, Christine, went missing years ago and he was the main suspect even though her body was never found.  Joe ran, changing his name but for some reason he came back to Grey Falls, Ohio.   Was Joe murdered for Christine's disappearance some 30 years ago or was it just a random burglary gone bad ?

When Liz finds out that the private investigator that Amelia is mentoring under was involved in the case years ago and they are looking into things presently, she cannot stop herself from getting involved.  

No road is ever a straight line for long and the road that Erickson takes the reader down is far from straight.  There are more twists and turns that the craziest rollercoaster.  There is no way for readers to solve this case, the police and private investigators are having a hard enough time.  Thankfully it is not the readers job to solve murders, it is just our job to open up the book and read the story and let the road take us where ever it leads us.......

Review by Missi M.

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