Thursday 4 June 2020

Murder at St Margaret (Oxford Key Mysteries, Book One) by Lynn Morrison

Murder at St Margaret (Oxford Key Mysteries, Book One)

When Natalie Payne accepts the Head of Ceremonies role at the University of Oxford, her first assignment is planning the spectacular autumn gala at St Margaret College. However, her plans are dashed when she finds their famed chef dead in the kitchen.

If that discovery isn’t enough, the cat following her around is actually a four-hundred-year-old wyvern. He’s got news for her: Nat’s a prefect, with the magic of Oxford running in her veins.

Nat’s got to solve the murder, find a new chef for the gala and get to the bottom of why Oxford’s magic is acting up. With the help of her wyvern, a band of Eternals and the savviest assistant who ever existed, Nat is sure to be a success.

But can she do it before St Margaret loses its connection to the magic of Oxford?   Summary via Goodreads)

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, magic, magical creatures, and murder, then the Oxford Key Mystery series by Lynn Morrison is a must read for you !

Murder at St. Margaret is the first book in this series and Morrison sets the stage beautifully.....

Natalie Payne is starting her new job as Head of Ceremonies at the University of Oxford.  She is looking forward to this position working at the University.  Growing up she listened to her grandfather tell stories about when he was a gardener there and the tales he told were so magical.  Little did Nat know that there was truth to those stories.  As soon as Nat arrives and the secretary to Oxford College Principal takes her to her flat on the college grounds, she finds that she inherits a cat only to find out later than this cat is just one of many magical creatures living throughout the university. 

Unfortunately before Nat can learn more about the magic, while on tour with the principal, Dr. Radcliffe, they come across the body of the head chef, Chef Smythe, dead in the kitchen.   Needless to say their tour of the college is cut short and Nat is left on her own to navigate her new position.  And the Autumn Gala is a few weeks away and this is Nat's first event so it has to be smashing !!

While Nat continues to come to terms with the magic around her, she learns that she is 1 of 3 prefects in Oxford.  Mathilde works in the library and Kate works in the museum and the only way they are able to do what they do is because someone in their family had to have had the "powers" as well, like Nat's grandfather.  Sadly that doesn't help when Nat decides the only way she can have a succesful Autumn Gala is to solve Chef Smythe's murder.  None of the ghosts saw or heard anything during her murder.

Reader's will love getting lost in Murder at St. Margaret.  There is so much to keep readers attention.....from Nat's job, to hanging around talking to a cat, pictures on the walls and spirits walking the halls, to trying to solve the murder, to planning the Autumn Gala, to getting to know her much !!!!!

I would love to tell you more about this magical read but I don't want to say anything else that may ruin the story for you. All I can say is that I highly recommend getting swept away in this story and if you like Harry Potter or magic, it is a MUST READ !!!  I am confident that you will agree !!!!!

Review by Missi M.

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