Monday 18 July 2022

A Poisonous Page (Sweet Fiction Bookshop #2) by Kitt Crowe

Kitt Crowe's second Sweet Fiction Bookshop mystery whips up an array of intriguing suspects and motives into a diabolically deft read, perfect for fans of Jenn McKinlay and Joanne Fluke.

It’s summer festival time in Confection, Oregon, and that means a barrage of tourists making cash registers ring at Sweet Fiction Bookshop. But what should be bookseller Lexi’s most lucrative time of year turns disturbing when a member of the chamber of commerce suddenly dies of a heart attack. Not entirely unexpected—considering her family history—but it’s a different story when another chamber member dies just one week later…also, presumably, of natural causes.

Something about this doesn’t read right to Lexi. And it gets more unfathomable when her friend Dash—who dated both women—stands accused of murder! With Cookie, her lovable border collie mix, at her side and countless volumes of inspiration on her shelves, Lexi opens the book on another perplexing case. Who could have murdered two prominent townspeople without leaving even a hint of evidence on the scene? And why is an irksome-but-intriguing detective always seeming to catch her and Cookie working the case?

Lexi’s Confection Rose-colored glasses come off when she learns of thorny discussions among the council members, involving a string of secretive real estate transactions. Enlisting her faithful fellow members of the Macaroon Book Club, Lexi sets out to bind the clues together and clear Dash’s name. But if she can’t devise a clever trap for the real killer, she may soon end up with a very unhappily ever after of her own.
   (Summary via Goodreads)

I missed out reading the first book in the Sweet Fiction Bookshop Mystery series, Digging Up Trouble, but am a true fan with the second book, A Poisonous Page.  Author Kitt Crowe will pull readers into the sweet town of Confection, Oregon and you will never want to leave !!

In A Poisonous Page main character Lexi Jones is still recovering from solving her neighbors murder and breaking her arm so when two members of her community die, she jumps right to murder.  Luckily the medical examiner rules them as a heart attack for the first one and simply old age for the second one so everyone can relax....even though it is difficult for Lexi to do.  But when a third person is found dead in her friend Dash's backyard and there is blood under the body, there is no mistaking it for murder......and when the police take Dash in and arrest him, Lexi knows that she has to step up and prove his innocence.

Unfortunately Lexi and Detective Chad Berg butt heads so her getting involved will surely ruffle his feathers.  Luckily for her she has her book club, the Macaroon's on her side and they will stop at nothing to help Lexi.  Sadly when the first death, Marilyn, and the third death, Rachel, are confirmed as ex's of Dash's, his stay locked up at the police department may be longer than anyone would like.  

Lexi, along with her trusty canine, Cookie and supportive book club and friends dive deep into Marilyn and Rachel's history trying to find the common denominator and killer......but they always seem to be a step behind..... And when Lexi ends up face to face with the killer, her time may be limited.....unless Cookie can come to the rescue again.....

There is so much to love with A Poisonous Page....the town and all the sweet names of the streets and businesses....some street names are Peppermint Way, Lemon Loop, Cinnamon Avenue, and businesses like Sweet Fiction, Taffy Toys, the Ripe Raisin and Cookie Crumbles.  The friendships and relationships and the fact that eveyone looks after each other are great aspects in a story.....Lexi has an Uncle Elvis !!!  And the chemistry between Lexi and Detective Berg is sizzling and will have you wanting more.....

Review by Missi M.

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