Monday 10 August 2015

Book Review: Chef Maurice & the Wrath of Grapes by J.A. Lang

An invitation to dinner at the home of renowned wine collector Sir William Burton-Trent soon finds Chef Maurice in the middle of an all-too-real murder mystery party, when Sir William is found dead in his own wine cellar.

The guests are acting all innocent, but which one is only playing the part? The pushy Californian film director? The seductive French winemaker?

Or could it be, against all narrative decency, the butler who did it?

With the help of food critic friend Arthur Wordington-Smythe, a large kipper sandwich, and the newly formed Cochon Rouge Wine Appreciation Society, Chef Maurice must get to the bottom of matters before events turn decidedly sour…[summary via Goodreads] 

Such a great book. Loved getting to know the characters. This is the first book I have read in this series and I can say it will not be the last.
Sir William Burton-Trent, owner of Bourne Hall has invited Chef Maurice and Arthur to a dinner and wine tasting. But what they get is more than a taste of wine, they get a taste of Murder!

Chef Maurice is a jolly, world renound , wine loving character that loves a good mystery and you will fall instantly in love with his dry humor. He describes himself as a great chef and detective:) His friend Arthur, a food critic for the England Observer is always along for an adventure when Chef is around. Even though you will read not always privy to what is going on in the mind of Chef Maurice.
Also, loved PC Lucy and her willingness to go along with chef on his hunches. And of course, you can't forget Patrick, Chef Maurice's Sous-Chef and how he tries to reign in Chef at the Le Cochon Rouge and keep and eye on PC Lucy:)

I found this book addicting,funny,adventurous,and educating since I know nothing about wine. I can say I was in stitches in parts and holding on tight to my Kindle in other parts. Can't wait till the next book comes out in October 2015.

Review by Penny.

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  1. Sounds like a fun book! I have it on my TBR list. Thank you for the review. :-)