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Stilettos On The Run: A Lily List Mystery Exclusive by C.L. Bauer

"Wiley and seductive, I've never claimed to be either...I'm just me."

Ladies, your love life isn't over when you become a certain age. Just look at Gretchen Malloy. Even though she's played the field all her life, she might be ready to give her heart to just one man. At any age, taking a chance on love can be dangerous, especially when the man you are falling for is involved in a mystery and holds his own secrets.

Gretchen is a talented event planner who is bold, beautiful, and not at all bashful. There's absolutely nothing ordinary about her, plus she has everything she needs except for the one man who tells her no. The younger man who intrigues her has his own skeletons, and he's not sharing any details.

No man can keep the talented event planner under control, but there's one who is willing to try. Detective Daniel Williams has never worn his heart on his sleeve, but there's something about Gretchen. The over-the-top woman he arrested only a few months ago takes no prisoners and is ready to handcuff him to her bed! Will he let her in, reveal his secrets, or lose her to the great love of her life?  (Summary via Amazon)

C.L. Bauer says it all when main character Gretchen Malloy says "Love is always worth a little murder."  in Stilettos On The Run.....

Stilettos On The Run is the second book in the Lily List Mystery Exclusive series.  These books focus on event planner Gretchen Malloy and her exciting life.  Gretchen is best friends with Lily List who is a florist and the Lily List Mystery series focuses on Lily and her life with her husband Agent Devlin Pierce....but there are times that the characters overlap in the books.  You don't necessarily need to read the books in order or even read the other books....but I highly recommend it !!

In Stilettos On The Run Gretchen is getting ready for a huge event as well as falling in love with Detective Daniel Williams.  (If you didn't read the first book Stilettos Can Be Murder Detective Williams had Gretchen as the top suspect in a murder investigation....she was innocent and the two had chemistry....)   Gretchen is not familiar or comfortable with her feelings for the detective, she is the "love them, then leave them" kind of girl but with the detective, she is all in.  Unfortunately the detective is old-fashioned and taking their relationship slow whiich is confusing and frustrating to Gretchen.

Luckily for Gretchen she has the event to concentrate on but when a teen is found dead behind the building where the event is taking place, she has bigger things to deal with and this brings the detective in as well.  Unfortunately before they can figure things out, another teen is found dead and both are considered drug related deaths.  Detective Williams knew both boys and knows that they were clean and getting their lives on track.

Lily's husband Agent Devlin is called in to assist Detective Williams on the case.  They are getting things together for when Gretchen has her big event.  Unfortunately they are keeping her out of the loop for her own protection which is very frustrating to Gretchen because she knows that the detective is keeping a secret.....BOY when she finds out what he is keeping, she will trip over her stilettos !!!

If you love a murder mystery....this is the book for you !!!

If you love romance and love....this is the book for you !!!

If you love a strong independent woman who goes after what she wants....this is the book for you !!!

If you love ALL of the above......Stillettos On The Run is the book for you !!!!

You will not be sorry when you pick up this book and start reading.  Yes you will get frustrated at times and want to smack Detective Williams...and even Gretchen at times.....but you will LOVE this book !!!!

And I will WARN you.....when you read the last two pages, you will be frustrated with author C.L. Bauer because of the way she ends the book.....leaving you wanting the next book immediately !!!  But good things are worth the wait......

Review by Missi M.

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