Saturday 27 November 2021

Candy Slain Murder (Country Store Mystery #8) by Maddie Day

A Jolly & Delightful Cozy Mystery

Christmas cheer has sent the griddle into overdrive at Robbie Jordan’s popular country store and café. And this year, there’s a new seasonal special to feast on: murder!
As December sweeps through South Lick, Indiana, Robbie’s life seems merry and bright like the string lights glistening around town. But strange happenings signal a bumpy ride into the holidays. First a man raises eyebrows at Pans ‘N Pancakes when he claiming to be the long-lost half-brother of Robbie’s assistant. Then a fire destroys the home of a controversial anesthesiologist, exposing skeletal remains in his attic. Helplessly intrigued, all Robbie wants for Christmas is to stop her winter wonderland from becoming a real nightmare. With a decades-old mystery taking shape, can she run as fast as she can in pursuit of a killer who’s harder to crack than a stale gingerbread man?

Includes Recipes for You to Try!  (Summary via Goodreads)

Nothing like getting into the Christmas spirit with a new book in the Country Store Mystery series by Maddie Day.  Candy Slain Murder is the eighth book in this series and by now when you open one of these books up you feel like you are home or visiting a town you know very well.

Robbie Jordan is the main character and owner of Pans 'N Pancakes which is a country store and cafe and recently a bed and breakfast with rooms on the second floor.  Robbie moved back to South Lick, Indiana to be closer to her aunt Adele and open Pans 'N Pancakes....little did she know that moving to this quiet country town would involve her getting in the middle of murder investigations !

Robbie has a knack with crossword puzzles and tries to do the one in the newspaper daily.  Whenever there is a murder in town she leans on her crossword solving ability to work through the suspect list.  Unfortunately sometimes this gets her in trouble and hot water with the killer and/or the police.

In Candy Slain Murder Robbie and her assistants Danna and Jordan are busy as usually with the cafe but when a local doctors house catches on fire and skeletal remains are found in the attic, Robbie is easily distracted.  And when a stranger comes in and introduces himself as Danna's older brother, she is easily distracted as well.  Luckily they are able to do more than one thing at a time and keep serving happy customers.

It is soon learned that the remains are the wife of the doctor who went missing years ago and the police are looking at a lot of suspects but on the top of the list are the husband and the deceased twin sister.  But when there is another murder, the investigation takes a very sharp turn !! 

Readers cannot help but love this series !!  You will love the people, the town and the activities around the Christmas season.  You will want to reserve a room in the bed and breakfast so that you can be as close to things as possible.  Plus hanging around Robbie will be fun regardless of what she is doing.  And I reckon you might should really enjoy your time in South Lick even if there is a killer roaming free.....they won't be for long, that you can count on !!!

Review by Missi M.

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