Thursday 2 September 2021

Double Chocolate Cookie Murder (A Cook-Off Mystery #5) by Devon Delaney

Sherry Oliveri is used to competing in cook-offs, but this time she's serving as a judge. The upside is that she gets to taste all the contestants' cookies. The downside is that one of the bakers will wind up dead...

It's the long Thanksgiving weekend, and between cooking for her family and working her dad's store for Black Friday, Sherry has a full plate. Next, she has to judge the big cookie contest--and among the many entrants is her old high school home ec teacher, Mr. Currier.

For old time's sake, Sherry invites him over for dinner, although sadly, the reunion will be short-lived. The next day, the prizes at the bake-off go missing--and later turn up at the marina, along with her ex-teacher's body. Now Sherry has to find out who would do such a thing...

Includes Recipes from Sherry's Kitchen!  (Summary via Amazon)

The Cook-Off Mystery series by Devon Delaney is a very tasty treat of a series.  Readers will be glued to their seats wrestling with continuing reading the story or getting up to get a tasty treat to eat....I highly recommend getting something to eat before you sit down to indulge yourself in the story.....

In Double Chocolate Cookie Mystery, the fifth book in this series, main character Sherry Oliveri has her hands full as always.  It is the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and she is one of three judges in the Story for Glory Cookie Bake-off.  Usually Sherry is on the other side of the judging table where she is in her element but she was asked to judge this contest and seeing as baking isn't her cup of tea, she is taking her first time as judge very seriously.  And when she runs into Crosby Currier Banks, an old teacher from high school who is entered in the contest, she invites him for Thanksgiving leftovers the night before the contest and tells him that she cannot be persuaded with his story.  Unfortunately shortly after losing the contest Crosby is found dead at the marina.

After Sherry meets Crosby's ex-wife Rachel, she is persuaded to look into his death.  Little did she know that Crosby's death will lead her to the 20 year old fire at the marina where his father was the dockmaster.  Sherry learns more than she ever thought she would about the devastating fire and Crosby's family but none of it provides answers, instead she is left with more questions.

Readers will enjoy the way that Delaney twists the story from the past into the present and how it affected so many people.  Readers will also love Sherry, her family, friends and her busy, chaotic life.  But like I said in the beginning.....have a tasty snack on hand because once you start reading you will be powerless to stop.

Review by Missi M.

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