Friday 21 May 2021

Match: A Medical Murder Mystery by Amy S. Peele

What do politics, living donor kidney transplants, and the current opioid crisis all have in common? Sarah Golden and Jackie Larsen, best friends since nursing school, could never have imagined that they'd end up as amateur sleuths searching to find a killer--for the second time! Jackie, a stay-at-home mom with marriage troubles, is racing the clock to get her young son, Wyatt, a living kidney donor to avoid the ravages of dialysis. Sarah, who has been living her career in the fast-paced world of organ transplantation, is helping expedite Wyatt's kidney transplant. Then a much-despised hospital colleague turns up dead of an opiate overdose--despite the fact that she'd never used drugs--and Sarah smells foul play. Her curiosity and tenacity pull Jackie, once again, into a life-and-death adventure that neither woman could have expected. Armed with smarts, tenacity, big hearts, and their raucous senses of humor, the pair gets the help of a few colorful friends to pursue the killer and take on the mission in the only style they both know how: straight on and arm-in-arm as the friends they've always been.  (Summary via Goodreads)

If you read Cut, the first book in the Medical Murder Mystery series by Amy S, Peele you know that you will be on the edge of your seat reading any book by Peele.....and Match measures up to that nicely !  But if you didn't read Cut, that is fine, you will have no problem getting engrossed in the story and falling in love with it all !!

In Match the story follows two main characters...  Sarah Golden has a busy, stressful and rewarding job at the San Francisco Global Transplant Institution as a manager and her best friend, Jackie Larsen, is a nurse but is currently a stay-at-home mom taking care of her young son.  Sarah is single while Jackie is married.  Jackie and her wife, Laura, are having a rough time with their son Wyatt as he is in need of a kidney transplant and Sarah is doing everything that she can to help that happen.  Unfortunately Kayla, one of Sarah's co-workers, is found dead in Miami of a drug overdose which puts the Institution in the hot seat.  

Even though Sarah and Jackie have more than enough things to keep them busy and out of trouble, they cannot help but talk about Kayla and try to figure out her murder....especially when it looks like Sarah is on the suspect list.  And things get worse when the detective that comes to San Francisco to interview the suspects is the partner of Sarah's ex-boyfriend, Officer Handsome (Rodney Strong).  

Things get crazy also for Jackie when they are close to getting Wyatt's transplant done when the living kidney donor program gets shut down due to a case that turned complicated.  They were all set to have Sarah provide a kidney for someone else in exchange for Wyatt getting a kidney.  Luckily they are all able to go to Miami and do the surgeries.......but things go terribly wrong in Miami.......

The Medical Murder Mystery series by Peele is a very interesting and intense series.  The story will grab hold of you and you will be unable to stop reading.  You will feel like you are right there along side Sarah and Jackie....and you will love and hate everything going on.  Yes....there will be things you will totally love, things you will be mad about, things that will frustrate you but then when you get to the end you will have a very satisfying smile on your face !!!

Review by Missi M.

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