Thursday 11 May 2017

Edited Out (Mysterious Detective #2) by E.J. Copperman

Edited Out (Mysterious Detective #2)

Mystery author Rachel Goldman is getting used to the idea that her fictional creation Duffy Madison has somehow taken flesh-and-blood form and is investigating missing person cases not far from where Rachel lives. Wait. No. She’s not getting used to it at all, and the presence of this real-life Duffy is making her current manuscript—what’s the word?—lousy.

So she doesn’t want to see Duffy—the living one—at all. To make matters worse, when he shows up at her door and insists on talking to her, it’s about the one thing she doesn’t want to do: Find a missing person. But the man Duffy seeks this time around might be able to solve Rachel’s problem. He might just be the man Duffy was before he became Duffy five years ago. The only problem is she could be letting Duffy lead her into danger yet again…

Entertaining and witty, the second in E.J. Copperman's Mysterious Detective Mystery series Edited Out will delight his fans, both new and old.  (Summary via Goodreads)

A lot of mystery authors write books in a series using a handful of the same characters.  In Edited Out that is no exception but it is in a unique way.....  In Edited Out the main character, Rachel, is herself a mystery right ?  But it gets even better !  It seems that the main character in her series, Duffy Madison, exists.  Unfortunately that is not a good thing for Rachel.  For one thing it makes writing about a fictional character hard when they are "alive".  And it gets even better because Duffy only remembers the last five years of his life which just happens to be when Rachel starting writing about him.

When Duffy approaches Rachel and asks for help finding a missing person, Rachel wants to say no.  She is having enough of a hard time meeting her 1,000 words a day quota, let alone help him.  But when he tells her the missing person, Damien Mosley, could actually be him because Damien died 5 years ago, she finds herself driving to the town Damien lived.

As confusing as this all sounds, it is actually easy to follow and you get lost in the story immediately.  E.J. Copperman keeps the reader entertained form the first word to the last, even gets you to chuckle some and holding your breath in parts.....  It is such a FUN read !!  I encourage all readers to hang around with Rachel and Duffy for a bit.....

Review by Missi S.

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