Monday 22 May 2017

Death in the Abstract (Katherine Sullivan Mysteries #2) by Emily Barnes

Death in the Abstract: A Katherine Sullivan Mystery

Retired police chief Katherine Sullivan moved away from Edina, Minnesota to feed her artistic soul in New Mexico. But when she receives an urgent call, her serenity is shattered. Nathan Walker, her best friend and former colleague from her days on the police force, is missing and his crew of security experts hasn’t seen him in days. Now it’s up to Katherine to fly home and track him down.

Meanwhile, Edina is reeling from the murder of a local woman, which looks more and more like it could have a connection to Nathan's disappearance. And as Katherine digs deeper into the investigation, locating Nathan’s abandoned car and compiling a list of potential kidnappers, another body is found--and Katherine fears time is running out for her friend.

Finding herself reluctantly pulled into a new case, Katherine must set aside her artistic pursuits and tear herself away from her darling grandchildren in order to save her best friend in Death in the Abstract, the compelling sequel to Emily Barnes' The Fine Art of Murder.  (Summary via Goodreads)

It started with 4, Katherine, Sully, Nathan and Terry.  They were brought together when Sully and Nathan were partners on the force. Sadly Sully was killed while on the job and Terry lost her battle with cancer.  Now it was 2, Katherine and Nathan.  When Katherine retired from the force and moved away, she still kept in touch with Nathan.  So when she received a call and the caller ID said it was Nathan there was no reason to be alarmed.  That is until she answered the call and it wasn't Nathan on the other end.

It was Rosie, one of Nathan's employees, on the other end.  They were calling Katherine to tell her Nathan was missing !!  The last time they spoke to their boss was on Friday.....3 days ago.  They needed help anad they knew Katherine would be there as soon as possible to help find him.

Interesting tidbit of information....Nathan owned a security and survelliance business since leaving the force.

As soon as Katherine got into town, her focus was on finding Nathan.  She even had to play nice with the current Chief of Police who wasn't a fan of her's.  A missing person was not a priority to him when they had a murder and a killer to catch.  Katherine worked with Nathan's crew going through files and re-visiting the appointments he had on Friday.

After meeting with Nathan's appointments, Katherine isn't left with much to go on.  One residence from that day doesn't feel right so she returns with one of the crew.  When they find the door ajar, they venture inside just in time to see someone running out the back door.  They also hear banging coming from upstairs.  When they investigate they find Nathan gagged and tied up !!!

Unfortunately that isn't the end !!  As they continue to investigate why Nathan was kidnapped in the first place, another person is killed.  Does that have anything to do with Nathan's kidnapping  or the other death ?  

Emily Barnes introduces the reader to an assortment of characters and storylines that twist and turn and possibly all end up at the same place.  In Death in the Abstract you will find yourself drawn into the story and your heart rate may speed up at times....but its all good.  Trust me you'll see !!!

Review by Missi S.

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