Wednesday 31 May 2017

Called to Justice (Quaker Midwife Mystery #2) by Edith Maxwell

Called to Justice (Quaker Midwife Mystery #2)

When Hannah Breed confides to midwife Rose Carroll that she’s pregnant out of wedlock, Rose promises to help her through the pregnancy and figure out a way to break the news to her family. But that night, amid the noise and revelry of the Independence Day fireworks, Hannah is found shot dead.

After a former slave and fellow Quaker is accused of the murder, Rose delves into the crime, convinced of the man’s innocence. An ill-mannered mill manager, an Irish immigrant, and the victim’s young boyfriend come under suspicion even as Rose’s future with her handsome doctor suitor becomes unsure. Rose continues to deliver babies and listen to secrets, finally focusing in on the culprit only to be threatened herself.  (Summary via Goodreads)

"Death.  Betrayal.  Sickness.  Thievery.  Rape." .... In a Quaker Midwife Mystery series ??
Trust.  Love.  Commitment.  Friendship.  Life.  .... In a Quaker Midwife Mystery series ??

Absolutely !!!  Called to Justice by Edith Maxwell has that and a whole lot more. 

The main character, Rose, is a Quaker and a midwife and a friend to everyone.  Rose is a very good listener and will do whatever she can to help someone.....even if it could be dangerous.

While enjoying a day of celebration Rose vows to help Hannah,  a young girl who works at the factory with her niece.  Hannah had informed Rose that she was with child but wouldn't say who the father was.  Before Rose can gather more information from the young girl, Hannah is shot during the firework display.  At the time, no one comes forward to say who shot her.  Rose not only wants to solve Hannah's murder but also find out who the father of the unborn child is.

As Rose continues her midwife responsibilities she is able to do some investigating as well.  When a Friend is accused of Hannah's murder, Rose knows that the authorities have the wrong person.  She also learns that another girl who works at the factory and lives in the boardinghouse where Hannah lived is accusing the deceased as having stolen items from her.

On top of ALL that, David has asked her to marry him and she has accepted. But before they can even celebrate, David's mother expressed her feelings about their engagement and it isn't nice at all !!

With all that information, Rose is more determined to solve Hannah's murder.  Will she be able to free her innocent friend from jail ?  Can she do this without putting her own life in jeopardy ?  

No matter how much stuff gets thrown at Rose, she is always able to handle it.  Pick up your copy of Called to Justice and see how she does it.  

Review by Missi S.  

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  1. A midwife sleuthing...sounds interesting. Quaker midwife mystery series, right. Would like to explore this series.

    Thanks for such a wonderful review