Wednesday 3 May 2017

Cut: A Medical Murder Mystery by Amy S. Peele

Cut: A Medical Murder Mystery by [Peele, Amy S.]

While the federal government is launching a national investigation on the -equity- of organ distribution, a female tech CEO flies across the country to get a liver transplant. Soon, well-respected transplant nurse Sarah Golden and her best friend, Jackie, find themselves tangled up in an intense plot to uncover the answer to the question on everyone's mind: Can you buy your way up to the top of the waiting list? Their pursuit of justice brings them to Miami, San Francisco, and Chicago--a sometimes fun, sometimes dangerous roller coaster ride from which they barely escape with their lives.  (Summary via Goodreads)

You couldn't ask for a better debut book by Amy S. Peele.  Her Medical Murder Mystery, Cut, will have you reading well over your bedtime !!

You follow Sarah Golden from Miami to San Francisco and back to Miami but it's no vacation.  While finishing her contract in Miami as a traveling nurse for the organ transplant department one of the patients rubs her the wrong way.  She tries to put it out of her mind so she can concentrate on planning a trup to Cuba with her best friend Jackie.  Unfortunately the patient, Amanda, lives in San Francisco and is best friends with the head of the department that she just took a job with.

Sarah cannot shake the feeling that Amanda didn't receive her liver through the proper channels and she knows that Amanda's boyfriend, Sergio had something to do with it.  But while her and Jackie are "investigating", they are threatened..... 

Sarah has to make a quick decision whether to pursue the case or let it go.  After all is it really worth her and Jackie's lives ??  Is one organ donation case going to change things ?

Amy Peele opens your eyes on the organ distribution field and everything that pertains to it.  It amazes me when authors write a story that has a lot of research and fact finding involved.  The reader doesn't always think about it...we just read and enjoy the story.  But as Peele has been an RN for many years and her field of choice was organ donation and transplantation, you can rest assure that you will walk away with some knowledge as well as a good story !!!

Review by Missi S.

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