Saturday 11 March 2017

Murder at the Witching Hour (Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mystery #3) by Kathi Daley

Murder at the Witching Hour (Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mystery Book 3)

It’s the week before Halloween and Kailani Pope has been asked attend her friend Morticia’s wedding. The weeklong event, which culminates with a costumed wedding ceremony on Halloween night, is being held on a private island which can only be accessed by boat. Things start off a little slow but become a lot more interesting when a tropical storm hits and one of the groomsmen turns up dead. Join Luke and Lani as this amateur sleuthing team attempt to determine if the killer is: the mummy in the kitchen who also serves as the chef, the seemingly blind butler, the sexy vampire who is also the maid and bartender, or one of the other kooky and spooky guests at this very unusual wedding event.   (Summary via Goodreads)

Who doesn't love a great Halloween mystery??? This book was boooootifully written. Once you started reading you can't stop. Such a great gothic wedding destination on an island with a castle made to look like Dracula's castle. 

Each of the characters in this series are totally tubular:) Old surfer term. 

Lani and Luke are invited to this wedding and from the start Lani is picking up some weird vibes. Then people begin to drop like flies! You would think being on an island in the middle of nowhere you could find the killer or killers before they find you.

Must read series if you haven't picked it up. Fun, adventurous characters await you on every page.

Review by Penny M.

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