Sunday 26 March 2017

Take the Donut (Kelly Clark Mystery #3) by Annie Hansen

Take the Donut (Kelly Clark Mystery #3)

Like donuts, revenge is sweet. But is getting revenge worth the sweet thrill that comes with it? 

There’s been a jailbreak at Kelly Clark’s ex-husband’s prison. Kelly’s first impulse is to run from Steve, but once again she is drawn into solving the mystery of what made her ex-husband derail in the first place. With a new piece to the puzzle, Kelly is tempted to use it to finally get her revenge.

When Kelly suspects one of her close family members may have been involved in Steve’s fraudulent money schemes, she begins to doubt everyone around her.

The third book in the Kelly Clark Mystery Series, Take the Donut, features an interesting heroine who is determined to make a new start. Take the Donut is a cozy mystery that centers on temptation, family drama, greed, and sweet revenge.  (Summary via Goodreads)

NOOOOOO !!!!   I cannot tell you how upset I am after reading Take the Donut.  Annie Hansen is explosive with her Kelly Clark Mystery series and Book three, Take the Donut, blew me away ! !  When I say upset, I say it in the BEST way possible  !!!

One cannot help but fall in love with Kelly, Nikki, Adelle, Jack and the rest of the Clark family.  This family shows you what a family is all about.  Even though they may disagree and fight, they are ALWAYS there for each matter what.

In Take the Donut Kelly is visiting her parents in Florida when she hears news of as a prison break and the prison is the one that her ex-husband is in.  Luckily they learn early that Steve, Kelly's ex, is still in custody.  Even though her ex is still behind bars, the news people are all over the case and Kelly cannot help but wonder if the escaped prisoner was somehow sent to kill her.

While her father is recovering from heart surgery and her sisters are preparing for the upcoming parade and the launch of Adelle's Donut food truck business, Kelly is trying to put her failed marriage behind her, once and for all.  But when she gets lured away from a family member, it puts her right back in the middle of things.

Will Kelly ever be free of Steve and the drama surrounding their divorce ?  Will Kelly always worry that something is going to happen ?  When everything falls apart during the holiday parade, will Kelly and her family stick together as one or will things pull them apart ?

As with the other books in the Kelly Clark Mystery series, you will be on the edge of your seat reading as fast as you possibly can.....and when you finish reading you will be utterly shocked !!  I don't know how Annie does it but she leaves you wanting more....and more....and more !!!

Annie Hansen is an author to watch and her Kelly Clark Mystery series is a MUST read.  If you haven't already I only have one question.....What are you waiting for ???

Review by Missi S.

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