Friday 31 March 2023

With Option to Kill (Cindy York Mysteries #5) by Catherine Bruns

You can choose your friends, but you sure can’t choose your relatives.

It’s been a busy year for real estate agent Cindy York. She’s excited to be making a killing at selling houses and is in the middle of planning a surprise 50th birthday party for her husband, Greg. If this wasn’t enough to deal with, Greg’s younger sister Annette, who's been estranged from the family for 20 years, makes an unexpected visit to celebrate the event. Annette asks Cindy for help finding a house to rent. She claims to want to know her loved ones again, but Cindy suspects the woman is hiding something.

When Annette’s troubled past catches up with her in a hurry and leaves an innocent bystander dead, Cindy must step in and find a killer. But if Cindy can't close this deal quickly, someone she loves will pay the ultimate price.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Catherine Bruns makes it so easy to talk about her books, whether it is the Cookies & Chance Mystery series, her Italian Chef Mystery series, one of her contributions to the Aloha Lagoon Mystery series or her Cindy York Mystery series, you are never without words !!  

With Options to Kill, the fifth book in her Cindy York Mystery series, readers will again be on the edge of their seats !!  

In With Options to Kill main character Cindy York is working on a surprise 50th birthday party for her husband Greg and she is enjoying the planning as her oldest daughter Darcy is helping her.  Soon all the talk in the household will be about Darcy's wedding the following year so this time spent with her is a huge deal for Cindy.  Unfortunately Greg's sister Annette shows up out of the blue and weasels her way into Greg's heart again.  Annette left town twenty years ago with Darcy's best friend's husband never to be heard from again....until now.  Cindy doesn't trust Annette or anything she says but she agrees to help her find an apartment.  And she does from a nice elderly gentlemen looking to rent his downstairs apartment.  Unfortunately on the first night that Annette is there, someone shoots through the window killing him.  So Greg insists that Annette stay with them until she finds another place to live.

It doesn't take Cindy long to find out that everything that Annette has been telling them is a lie and with the help of her best friend and boss, Jacques, they look into Annette's past and try to find out the truth.  But when someone close to Cindy is attacked and Annette does nothing to help, Cindy is determined to solve the case....and bring the truth out !!

It is no lie that I love Catherine Bruns and her Cookies & Chance series is my ultimate favorite but any book that she writes is going to be a great story !!  And With Options to Kill is no different !!!  And the way that Bruns spins the web of her stories will drive readers into a crazed state of a good way obviously !!!   You will feel like you are a part of the story and the characters will become real to you and you will LOVE every moment that you are inside the book.  

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