Wednesday 15 March 2023

Well-Offed in Vermont (Pret’ Near Perfect Mystery #1) by Amy Patricia Meade

Turning over a new leaf in bucolic Vermont, Stella and Nick Buckley soon discover that country life comes with its own special kind of pleasures—and perils . . .

Leaving New York City behind for the rustic farmhouse they bought in rural Vermont, Stella and Nick Buckley discover that small-town life isn’t nearly as quiet and peaceful as they might have hoped. No sooner do the two arrive at their new home than they find a dead body in a well on their property, and they’re quickly exiled to a primitive campsite when the sheriff seals off the crime scene.

As if no electricity, no running water, and leaf-peeping tourists weren’t bad enough, the duo must also contend with an endless variety of quirky and eccentric locals. Quickly realizing that the only way they’ll get back into their farmhouse is to solve the murder themselves, the two dig deep into the life of the victim, who’d racked up more than a few enemies. And while they may never be able to shed their city-folk reputation, Stella and Nick just might nab a cunning killer before he can strike again . . . (Summary via Goodreads)

In Well-Offed in Vermont by Amy Patricia Meade Stella and Nick Buckley are moving from New York City to Vermont.  Nick has finally landed his dream job working for the Forestry Service in the field and not behind a desk.  Unfortunately before they can unpack the moving van and settle into their new farmhouse, they find that the water is red which results in them discovering a dead body in their well.  This means that their new home is now a crime scene and they are homeless.  Luckily one of the locals, Alma, shows up to offer a welcome basket and offers them her brother's hunting camp.  

They learn that the deceased man in their well is Allen Weston, the owner of Weston Wells and Pumps and he was shot by a hunting rifle.  If was first thought to be an accident but Sheriff Charlie Mills determines it as murder seeing as he was shot three times. 

Even though Stella and Nick are new to the area and do not know anyone, they decide that if that want to move into their new home, they must solve Weston's murder.  Unfortunately everyone they meet seems to have a reason to want Weston dead.  And when someone else is murdered in the exact same manner, they begin to wonder if they should turn the moving van around and head back to New York City where it is safer.

 Well-Offed in Vermont is the first book in the Pret'Near Perfect Mystery series and readers will enjoy getting to know Windsor County in Vermont and its residents and the businesses.  Meade sets readers up in this book allowing you to get acquainted with everything and makes you eager to see what will happen next once Stella and Nick have settled in and can start to enjoy their new lives....even though you can be certain that there will be more bumps in their future.....and I'm not just talking about their dirt driveway......

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