Saturday 8 April 2023

Death and Croissants (Follet Valley Mysteries #1) by Ian Moore

Richard is a middle-aged Englishman who runs a B&B in the fictional Val de Follet in the Loire Valley. Nothing ever happens to Richard, and really that’s the way he likes it.

One day, however, one of his older guests disappears, leaving behind a bloody handprint on the wallpaper. Another guest, the exotic Valérie, persuades a reluctant Richard to join her in investigating the disappearance.

Richard remains a dazed passenger in the case until things become really serious and someone murders Ava Gardner, one of his beloved hens ... and you don’t mess with a fellow’s hens!

Unputdownable mystery set in rural France, by TV/radio regular and bestselling author Ian Moore – perfect for fans of Richard Osman's Thursday Murder Club, Julia Chapman, or M.C. Beaton.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Death and Croissants by Ian Moore was released in 2021 in the UK and just recently released in the United States....and it was worth the wait !!

In Death and Croissants readers are introduced to main character Richard Ainsworth.  Richard runs a bed and breakfast in the Loire Valley.  He has a quiet, simple life running the bed and breakfast, tending to his chickens and watching movies from his vast collection.  Unfortnately everything changes and his world is turned upside down when a guest goes missing leaving behind a bloody handprint on the wall and his bloody, broken glasses in the trash.  Before Richard can wrap his head around the missing guest another guest Valerie d'Orcay shows up and draws him into her crafy web of investigating.

Richard doesn't want to have anything to do with investigating the missing guest but he cannot help but be drawn to Valerie and her mysterious ways....even though he catches her in lie after lie.  However, everything changes when one of his chickens is murdered !!!  Richard decides to help Valerie look into the missing guest not knowing what they are getting into !!

Readers will love Death and Croissants and the characters.  Unfortunately you may find yourself as lost as Richard is in what Valerie has up her sleeve.....but you will also be like Richard and unable to stop yourself from following them down the rabbit hole and when everything is finally revealed in the end, you will be totally flappergasted !!!

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