Friday 11 February 2022

The Tulip Terror (Lily List #3) by C.L. Bauer

Dev’s secret?
Danger magnet?
Never normal again?
Ever since Lily Schmidt fell in love with Devlin Pierce, danger and distance has plagued their relationship. With an uncertain future, the organized florist from Kansas City is trusting that when both of them are in the same place at the same time they’ll become husband and wife. She’s looking forward to marriage, she’s just not sure how it is ever going to happen.
Devlin Pierce wants a life with the woman he loves, but work just keeps getting in the way. He will have to do all the planning to make this relationship work. He wants to see Lily happy and make all her dreams come true. What is she dreaming? He’ll offer her a trip of a lifetime with romance, adventure, and dreams coming true. But as always, Lily discovers a lot more than she expected.
The Tulip Terror is the third adventure in The Lily List Mystery Series. Lily and Dev’s usual challenge is just being together, but this time the danger is around every corner, on an airplane, outside a café, in a museum--it’s everywhere Lily is! The adventure begins and nothing is ever normal again for our little florist.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Readers are going to fall head over heels for The Tulip Terror by C.L. Bauer.  This is the third book in her Lily List Mystery series and it is so much more than the previous two combined !!

In The Tulip Terror Lily's fiance, Devlin Pierce, secretly plans their wedding with the help of her friends Abby and Gretchen, and all Lily has to do is pick out her wedding dress !!  Most brides would probably hate not planning their wedding and you would think that Lily who is a florist and provides the flowers for a lot of weddings would be mad but she took it all in stride and really appreciated everything and everyone that helped.  It probably didn't hurt that Dev and crew planned the most romatic wedding ever !!!

And then the newlyweds went on their honeymoon to Paris !!  

Unfortunately while in Paris Dev learns some secrets from years past and the person that kept those secrets needs his help in Paris.  He has a hard time trying to come to terms with everything and isn't sure that he can be there for this person until Lily talks to him and settles his mind.  But when they are at a very fancy gala at a museum, they come face to face with someone from Dev's past and he is powerless to do anything about it.  Again Lily comes to the rescue when she notices some things that everyone, Dev, the FBI, local police, museum security and guests missed and this sets a lot of things in motion......and Dev decides to let his brother who works for the FBI as well as another close friend handle it and he takes his new wife back to the hotel and their honeymoon !!!

Reader will love this book .... it is really a 2 part book.  The first part is the romance side with the wedding and everything leading up to the honeymoon.  And even the beginning of their honeymoon is magical.  Then when they get involved in the museum "problem" it turns into a thrilling mystery and Lily doing what Lily does best with her very detail oriented mind.  

I love this series and cannot wait to see where author Bauer takes the couple as they navigate their lives together as a couple but still trying to maintain their individual independences......I'm sure it is going to be explosive in a good way !!!

Review by Missi M.

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