Friday 25 February 2022

Bert and Norah: Evil Runs Through It by Bernard Harry Burgess

A teenage girl from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota is lured by a predator and abducted. The same day, one of Bert and Norah's adult daughters is traveling across that state on the way to Wyoming to visit her father along with her two young daughters. While entering a small town, daughter Summer, sees a young girl in what appears to be a psychic vision. The youngster is yelling for help. The vision is so unsettling that she convinces her father that they need to attempt to find the girl. This leads the team of now six plus Missy, the coywolf tracker, on a frustrating and challenging hunt for the girl. Combining investigative skill with psychic inputs, the two-vehicle team pursues the kidnappers on a life or death mission, leading to far more than they expected. The ending will leave the reader with a mix of emotions and a fresh and personal understanding of the evil which runs below the awareness of most and slithers just out of sight of those who choose not to see.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Bert and Norah : Evil Runs Through It by Bernard H. Burgess is the fifth book in this series and this one should definitely come with a warning.  Readers are going to experience high anxiety as they get lost in this latest case that Bert, Norah, Becky, Missi and team find themselves working on.

In Evil Runs Through It Bert's one daughter, Summer is driving with her two daughters, Suni and Dawn, to go spend time with Bert and meet his new love, Becky.  On the way there Summer and Suni witness a girl asking for help through an open window in a car.  The moment is quick and Summer wonders if they actually saw it for real or was in a figment of their imaginations.  Once they get to Bert's and get settled, Summer talks to her father about this and is shocked to find out that she can hear her mother talking to her.  Now hopefully you are a fan of this series and I am not about to give something crucial away.....Norah, Bert's wife, is deceased but her spirit is still with Bert and he can see her and communciate with her.  Now they find out that Summer also has that ability as well as her daughter Suni.

The group decide that the girl they saw is real and is most likely missing so they begin to look into her disappearance.  Once they determine the girl's identity and where she was abducted from, they begin to formulate a plan.  This plan takes them across quite a few state lines and traveling a long distance.  And while they are working on the case, they discover that Cindy, the girl they are hoping to rescue, is not alone and the situation is a lot scarier than they could ever imagine.

Burgess has a way with his writing to draw the reading into the story and make you feel like you are right there along side Bert while he's driving.  And the details that Burgess provides for the reader of the areas that they are traveling through will make you feel like you are there seeing everything as if you were there on vacation.  And the way of his writing has readers turning the pages as fast as you can to see what is going to happen next and when you get to the high point in the story, you may find your heart beating fast and you won't even notice you are holding your breathe until you exhale with relief.

I cannot stress it enough to get on board with this series and allow Burgess and his team of characters to take you away.  Once you start reading one of these books, you will realize how much you needed this welcomed distraction.

Review by Missi M.

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