Wednesday 9 February 2022

Killer View (Cindy York Mysteries #4) by Catherine Bruns

It’s been four years since sometime sleuth Cindy York left the real estate world behind in favor of a more fulfilling career as a stay-at-home mom. Now that her little one is starting school, Cindy fears her life is about to become dull.

She shouldn’t have worried.

An old college chum soon surfaces and begs Cindy to sell her home, making it impossible for the former agent to say no. Pamela Hilton is going through a messy divorce and any profit will need to be split equally between the woman and her louse of a spouse. But when Cindy shows the home to prospective buyers and Kevin Hilton is found doing a dead man’s float in their pool, things quickly become more complicated.

Convinced of her friend’s innocence, Cindy sets out to find a ruthless killer. But will her return to the workforce and her life both be short term?   (Summary via Goodreads)

Killer View is the fourth book in the Cindy York Mystery series by Catherine Bruns and it should come with a warning.  Readers will get to a part in the story, and I can't tell you where, that will ruin it for you, that you will start to have a panic attack.  Well, if I am being honest with you, there are actually two times in the story that will have your heart racing and you might hold your breath !!

In Killer View main character Cindy York is asked to get back into real estate after leaving it to focus on her family.  But now that her youngest is going to preschool for part of the day, she is left with a big void.  When her best friend and boss, Jacques Forte owner of Forte Realty, calls her about a house listing, she is dragged back into real estate.  Pamela Hilton is looking to put her big house on the market and is looking for Cindy to be her agent.  Cindy and Pam were college roommates and Cindy was in Pam's wedding to Kevin and can't believe that they are divorcing and Pam is being forced to sell her home.

Things take a turn when Cindy is there to do the first showing and finds Kevin dead in the pool .... and it gets worse when it is discovered that Pam was upstairs the whole time passed out from drinking too much.  Pam asks Cindy to look into Kevin's murder when the police arrest her.  Cindy knows that the old Pam would never kill anyone, especially her husband but it's been a long time since they shared a dorm room and Pam has changed a lot.  Pam, like Cindy, has a family to think about.  Pam and Kevin have two sons so Pam has to protect them.

Cindy wants to help her old friend out but has to make sure that she takes care of her own family first and when her oldest, Darcy, comes home from college and doesn't want to go back, Cindy is torn with what to do first.  Luckily she can multi-task and she has an awesome and understanding husband to help.  Cindy also has Jacques who will do anything for her, her family and friends.

Bruns will pull the reader into the story immediately and you will be unable to stop reading until you get to the end of the story and make sure everyone is okay and the killer is behind bars.....or close to it.  Readers will love the relationships within the story ... even the one between Cindy and her mother-in-law.  And the trouble that follows Cindy will have you on the edge of your seat and like I said you will come close to a panic a ttack a few times.....but thats the price we pay for reading a great book, right ??  And Bruns does that exceptionally !!!

Review by Missi M.

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