Tuesday 29 December 2020

Hit and Mist (Silicon Valley Mystery #4) by Marc Jedel


He is determined to prove his friend innocent of homicide. He may make things worse ... 

When Marty's surfer-dude pal is arrested for murder, he must squeeze his amateur sleuthing into his packed schedule. With his high-tech job busier than ever and his nieces' antics sidetracking him, Marty is ready for a Thanksgiving holiday. All he has to do is solve two murders. But if he can't even convince his sister to bake his favorite chocolate pie, how can he hope to save his friend?

With the help of his girlfriend, some wacky coworkers and Buddy the rambunctious Labrador, Marty sets out to disprove the ironclad evidence. But as the suspect list blossoms out of control, his bumbling efforts might lead him into problems faster than a failing hard drive.

Can he clear his friend's name before he's blown to bits?

Hit and Mist is the fourth book in the riotous Silicon Valley cozy mystery series but can be read standalone. If you like your murder cases twisty, your suspect lists long, and your detectives clueless, then you'll love Marc Jedel's humorous murder adventure.

Buy Hit and Mist to stumble onto the truth today!  (Summary via Goodreads)

If you are a fan of the Silicon Valley Mystery series by Marc Jedel, the fourth book, Hit and Mist, will grab you immediately !!

In Hit and Mist Marty's close friend, Starbuck's barista Brody is in trouble and even his boyfriend Sergeant Mace Jackson cannot help him !!  It seems that Brody is in the wrong place at the wrong time.....twice !!  First when Marty and his girlfriend, Meghan, are attending a kickboxing class at her gym, the instructor Gabriela goes outside after the class and gets killed by a bomb and Brody happens to be there taking his break from work.  Then the next day when Marty and Meghan go on a kayaking trip to take their minds off of Gabriela's death, they come into contact with another dead body floating in the water....and Brody being arrested for it.

Of course Marty wants to help prove Brody's innocence and he has this crazy idea that he is the police department's secret weapon and helps solve cases.  But with Mace being sidelined due to his relationship with Brody, Marty is on his own.  

Clearly by accident Marty finds out that the new COO at his company is the grieving widow of Gabriela and he and Meghan find out that Gabriela was still using the garden shed at her old house so he begins to form a plan on how to get him to confess to the murders.  

As readers soon realize Marty is very lucky when it comes to "solving" cases.  Marty usually has little to no idea what he is doing but he somehow does uncover the guilty party and bring justice to the victims and their families.  No matter how he does it, readers love the way he goes about doing it !!  And the relationships he has with his family, girlfriend, co-workers and friends will have readers laughing out loud and loving every minute of the story !!  

If you haven't gotten lost in this series, I highly recommend putting it on your "To be read" list..... and let Marty, Rover and crew take you for an enjoyable ride !!!

Review by Missi M.

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