Tuesday 7 July 2020

20 Questions with Authors : Cameron Trost

Amazon says it accurately so I won't try to say it otherwise "Cameron Trost is a writer of strange, mysterious, and creepy tales about people just like you. He is the author of "Hoffman's Creeper and Other Disturbing Tales" and "The Tunnel Runner", and is the creator of Oscar Tremont, Investigator of the Strange and Inexplicable." 

Let's see how strange he really is.......

1.  What is your favorite color ?  My favourite colour is green, because I love forests and gardens, but when it comes to clothes, I'm more into black.

2.  Sunset or sunrise ?  That's a tricky one and probably depends where I am. I'll say sunrise because it's accompanied by fresh air, dew, and morning birdsong.

3.  Coffee, tea or soda ?  Strong white coffee

4.  What is your favorite movie ?  I never know how to answer this question, but I love Hitchcock and a lot of films that follow his tradition. Vertigo is still seriously impressive even today.

5.  What are your favorite toppings on pizza ?  Mushrooms, onion, and blue cheese are delicious.  

6.  Cake or pie ? What is your favorite ?  As in apple pie? Can I choose apricot crumble with hot custard? Well, that's my choice. Or a good tiramisu with extra brandy!

7.  Favorite author (besides yourself) ?  So hard to pick one but I love Roald Dahl's short stories. "The children's author?" you ask. Well, his short stories are definitely NOT for children.

8.  Horror movie or chick flick ??  Horror movie, but intelligent and psychological.

9.  Cat or dog person ? Do you have any ? If so, what and names please....  I have two boys. That's enough of a menagerie. But I'll probably surrender and we'll get a pet one day. I guess a cat's easier. I prefer my animals living in nature around me. My flowers bring all the birds to the yard

10.  Ideal vacation ?   Castles, history, walking tracks, quaint villages, good food, and a local apĂ©ritif.

11.  Camping or 5 star hotel ?  You need a bit of both, but I've done a lot more camping than expensive hotels. Buy my books so I can try the high life for a change!

12.  Favorite season and why ?  I'm from Brisbane, Australia. The two or so weeks of spring before the onslaught of subtropical summer is lovely there. Google "jacaranda".   I live in Brittany now and like all the seasons for different reasons. I quite like winter, in fact, but wish we had more snow.

13.  Name ONE thing you are afraid of ....  David Bowie said it: Americans. No, but I'm sure most of them are wonderful folks. Ah, what's a less controversial answer... capitalism? 

14.  Name ONE thing you cannot live without....  Time for a fun answer... yeah, whisky.

15.  What was your favorite subject in school ?  History

16.  What was your least favorite subject in school ?  Mathematics

17.  What movie have you seem more than once ?  Quite a few... The Great Escape is definitely one.

18.  What is your guilty pleasure ?  (Can't be an answer already given...)   Writing. Parents will understand! Reading too.

19.  Who is your celebrity crush ?  I don't have one. There are wonderful, beautiful, witty women all around me. Ok, I'll play along... ummm, that girl in Smallville... Kristin Kreuk... wow!

20.  Tell us something we don't know that you would like people to know about you ......   I don't like cricket. Believe me, that's an outrage for an Aussie!

To learn more about Cameron Trost, go to : https://trostlibrary.blogspot.com/

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