Tuesday 17 March 2020

Uncle and Ants (Silicon Valley Mystery #1) by Marc Jedel

Uncle and Ants (Silicon Valley Mystery #1)
Mysterious attacks. Mischievous nieces. Can a clueless uncle catch a tech-savvy killer … and be home before bedtime?

When a freak accident hospitalizes Marty Golden’s sister and condemns him to babysitter duty, he thinks it’s just another case of hardwired bad luck in Silicon Valley. Until a suspicious murder suggests the mishap was no mere coincidence. Something must be done. 

Too bad this quirky, fashion-backward uncle isn’t exactly hero material.

Convinced his sister is in mortal danger, this amateur sleuth follows clues to an oddball array of suspects. Armed with nothing but an eye for detail and powers of self-delusion, Marty tangles with gangsters, a cantankerous school secretary, and a perplexing woman he can’t help but fall for. Glitches in his investigation seem like a piece of cake compared to dinner-prep and bedtime stories with his two precocious, pre-teen nieces.

Can Marty catch the culprit, save his sister, and get his life back in order before he gets unplugged ?  (Summary via Goodreads)

You cannot help but get lost in Uncle and Ants by Marc Jedel.  Uncle and Ants is the first book in his Silicon Valley Mystery series and it is a hit from the first chapter !!!

Main character Marty Golden is a software engineer working for Rover, a company that provides rides for people. It's like a taxi service except that the car is programmed to drive and doesn't have an actual person driving the car.  His life is kinda simple and boring until he gets a call that his sister was in a car accident.  A drone crashed into an ice cream truck and his sister's car was involved.  Marty goes to the hospital to check on his sister but there is some confusion when he goes to the wrong room (wrong name on the door?).  When he finally locates his sister, he is introduced to a cop but before he can find out much about his sister, the accident and her condition, the school where his two nieces goes calls him to pick them up.

Marty thinks something isn't right with his sister's accident and when he goes back to the hospital to find out more concerning her condition, he finds out that the woman in the room that has his sister's name on the door was found murdered.  This makes Marty even more concerned and believes that someone wants his sister dead.  Unfortunately he has NO idea why.  His sister and nieces have only been in town a few months and his sister works in human resources so he cannot understand why someone would want to harm her.

Marty takes it upon himself to look into her accident and goes through her computer and phone and starts by talking to everyone that she met with recently.  Things get worse when his sister's apartment is broken into and one of the people that she met with had their apartment broken into also.

Marty will do whatever it takes to keep his sister and nieces save....even if it means he may have to lie, cheat and break the law.....

Readers will love getting lost in Uncle and Ants.  You will love the way Marty mishandles every situation he gets into while keeping his nieces safe.  You will be on the edge of your seat at times, laughing at times, and maybe holding your breath also.  I "betcha" you will love it and want to jump right into the second book in this series, Chutes and Ladders.  I KNOW I am !!

Review by Missi M.

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