Monday 2 March 2020

Murder at Plimoth Plantation (Larcom Mystery Series) by Leslie Wheeler

It's the week before Thanksgiving, and history textbook writer Miranda Lewis has deadlines to meet. But when a routine check-in call to her young niece ends in tears and a hang-up, Miranda hurries to Plimoth Plantation, where her niece works as an interpreter.
At the recreated seventeenth-century village in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Miranda encounters protesting Indians, quarrelling Pilgrims, and tension aplenty. The day after her arrival, the explosive atmosphere turns violent when someone beheads the interpreter who portrays Miles Standish. With suspicion falling on her niece, over-heard arguing with the victim the night before, Miranda sets out to uncover the truth. Along the way she discovers more than she expected. (Summary via Amazon)

"He had to die'".... That is the very first sentence in Murder at Plimoth Plantation by Leslie Wheeler.  That first sentence grabs the can you not want to continue reading the story to see who had to die and why. What lead to that sentence even being written ??

I, for one, had to read the story because I obviously had to know the answer and I am sure that I am not the only one that would read that sentence and have to continue.  And boy does that first sentence take the reader down a road that will surprise and amaze them.

Miranda Lewis is the main character in Murder at Plimoth Plantation and after calling her niece, Caroline to check on her, she catches her in a disturbing mood but won't tell Miranda why.  After sobbing and hanging up on her, Miranda has no other choice but to go to her and see for herself what is going on.

Caroline works as an interpreter and recreator of someone living on a planation during the seventeenth century.  When Miranda shows up to talk to Caroline, Caroline says that she will talk to her during her break but disappears before that can happen.  Miranda is on high alert now and just wants to talk to Caroline to see what is going on.  Unfortunately before Miranda can get the full story from Caroline a co-worker of Caroline's is murdered and things point to Caroline as a suspect.

Miranda will do whatever it takes to find out the full story and prove her niece's innocence.....and will go down some dark roads and dwell into the past to get the answers she needs !!!

Wheeler will take the reader on a very captivating and mind blowing journey.  It will amaze the reader as you get lost in the tale and will be thoroughly shocked to find out the story behind it all and you will be very shocked at how Miranda does it and with who !!!

Review by Missi M.

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