Tuesday 25 June 2019

Mystic Deception (Mystic Isle Mysteries Book 4) by Sally J. Smith & Jean Steffens

Mystic Deception (Mystic Isle Mysteries Book 4)
From USA Today bestselling authors Sally J. Smith & Jean Steffens comes murder, magic, and laughter on the bayou... 

There’s magic in the air at The Mansion at Mystic Isle where Melanie Hamilton works—magic everywhere. The Federation of Magicians has contracted to hold their annual show at the resort on the bayou, and Melanie's excited to join in the fun—nothing like a little hocus pocus to liven things up, right? The winner’s own show and a huge cash prize guarantees stiff competition. And speaking of stiffs, when the contest frontrunner turns up dead, Mel, Jack Stockton, and the staff at the resort rally to chase down the culprit. Is one magician so desperate for fame and fortune they’d kill for it, or is there another reason to work some black magic? Mel conjures up several suspects, but the adept sleight of hand conceals the identity of the murderer. Will an abracadabra and the wave of a magic wand catch the killer, or will it be Mel who disappears? 

Mystic Isle Mysteries: 
Mystic Mayhem (book #1) 
Mystic Mojo (shorts story in the Killer Beach Reads collection) 
Mystic Mistletoe Murder (book #2) 
Mystic Mischief (book #3) 
Mystic Deception (book #4) 

"Writing team Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens, a top all-time favorite, have penned a well-written and exciting series with a Southern flair, combining cheeky characters, humorous foibles, and of course, a clever cozy murder mystery." 
—Kings River Life Magazine    (Summary via Goodreads)

Mystic Deception by Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens is a fun, fast read !!!  Even though it is the fourth book in their Mystic Isle Mystery series, and sadly the first of this series that I have read, the reader will not be lost or lacking in anything.  You can pick this book up without having read the previous ones and get totally engrossed in the story !!

Melanie Hamilton, the main character, is a tattoo artist at The Mansion of Mystic Isle and everything there revolves around magic.  In Mystic Deception the resort is hosting a big magician competition and there are a lot of magicians as well as fans roaming around the resort.  Unfortunately one of the competitors is found dead and the magician that is arrested for the murder is one of the resorts own acts.  Melanie knows that Eli did not kill the other magician and knows that there are a lot of other more likely candidates but proving that will take some tricks of her own to solve......

I love that the main character is a tattoo artist and she works in a resort that is all about magic.  I love the people that she interacts with and that her deceased granddaddy keeps watch over her and seems to help out in his own way.  

The Mystic Isle Mystery series is definitely a series to get lost in......you get a serious story with a twist of something different.......

Review by Missi M.

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