Saturday 6 July 2019

Strangled Eggs and Ham (Country Store Mysteries #6) by Maddie Day

Strangled Eggs and Ham (Country Store Mysteries #6)
Robbie Jordan’s rustic country store is growing in popularity. But when a dead body appears, it turns out that Robbie’s home-style cooking attracts hungry customers—and murder!

While Robbie scrambles through breakfast orders for her expanding clientele at Pans ‘N Pancakes, tempers run as high as the sticky August heat in South Lick, Indiana. Real-estate developer Fiona Closs plans to build a towering luxury resort at one of the most scenic hilltops in Brown County, and not everyone can see the sunny side of the imposing proposition—including Robbie’s furious Aunt Adele, who doesn’t waste a minute concocting protests and road blockades. When tensions boil over and a vocal protester is silenced forever at the resort site, Robbie ditches the griddle to catch the killer. But if slashed tires are any indication, she’ll need to crack this case before her own aunt gets served something deadly next . . .
   (Summary via Goodreads)

The best thing about reading books in a series is that when you get to the sixth book in that series, you are a part of the series.....not just a reader or a fan but you feel like you are an actual part of the story.  And that hold very true when you get to Strangled Eggs and Ham written by Maddie Day.  I have been a loyal reader of her Country Store Mystery series that when I open the book to read this latest tale, I feel like I'm returning to my favorite town to hang out with some of my favorite people.  When you read books in a series like this your mind has formed a picture of the town, the country store, and the people, so when you start reading a new book, your brain automatically opens up that place in your mind and away you go !!!

And you cannot help but LOVE Robbie Jordan, the main character in this series, for so many reasons. She is a solid part of her little town of South Lick owning Pans "N Pancakes.  Everyone in town goes to Pans "N Pancakes for the food and to catch up.....especially when there is a recent murder in town.  And you cannot help but LOVE Robbie's Aunt Adele and the things she gets involved in.  

In Strangled Eggs and Ham a real-estate developer is looking to open a luxury resort on a scenic hilltop which has a lot of town people up in arms trying to prevent of which is Aunt Adele.  However things go downhill quite rapidly when one of Robbie's guests in her bed and breakfast helping the cause is found murdered on the site !!!  Of course, Robbie jumps into action to find out who killed him and try to keep the peace in town.

The Country Store Mystery series is a great series to read.... you will feel like you are a part of the community and it won't take you long to feel right at home with everyone and everything in this series.  As they say in South Lick, you should oughta get to reading this series......

Review by Missi M.

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