Friday 6 January 2017

She Stopped for Death (A Little Library Mystery #2) by Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli

She Stopped for Death (Little Library Mystery #2)
Jenny Weston and her mother, Dora, have been receiving strange midnight visits. Bear Falls's own elusive and highly secretive poet, Emily Sutton, has lived her life cloistered away with her sister in a house at the edge of Pewee Swamp. But now, Emily's started leaving scraps of poetry in Dora's Little Library, and Dora makes it her mission to befriend the sheltered woman.

Meanwhile Zoe Zola, almost famous author, Little Person, and the Weston's quirky next-door neighbor, is hard at work on a new book, this one about the inner life of Emily Dickinson. And once again, Zoe's literary work starts making uncanny connections with the events in her own world as Emily Sutton reemerges into society. But Zoe begins to suspect things aren't anywhere near normal at Emily's swamp house or in the lives of the people she claims have abandoned her...until looking further into the poet's half-truths leads Zoe and Jenny to a horrible murder.

The chaos surrounding the ensuing investigation grows even more hectic with Emily’s increasingly erratic behavior, the arrival of a young woman searching for her missing poet uncle, and yet another betrayal in Jenny's love life. And only poetry can set the truth free in Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli's charming second Little Library mystery, She Stopped for Death.  (Summary via Goodreads)

The title She Stopped for Death is slightly misleading....without giving too much away, she doesn't stop for death.... Once you read it, you will completely understand.

Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli has such an imagination !!!  Her writing gets you right away and she sweeps you right into the story.  I must admit that She Stopped for Death is the first book that I have read where there is a "little person" in the story.  However, Zoe Zola is anything but small !!!  

Zoe lives next door to Dora and Dora's daughter, Jenny.  There is no library in the small town of Bear Falls so Dora has a little library box set up in front of her house.  One night they are visited by local poet, Emily.  Emily has been living in a house with her sister and hasn't been seen or heard from in many years.  To have her out and visiting the library box is a big deal.  So big that the ladies of town plan a big event in her honor.

Unfortunately while helping Emily out, Zoe and Jenny discover Emily's cousin dead.  Also Emily's sister seems to have disappeared.  Can Emily rejoin society and interest people in her new poetry ?  As the night of her big "event" grows nearer, Emily becomes more obsessive and demanding.....

I was completely shocked while reading the ending of She Stopped for Death.  I was so engrossed in the story that I felt like I was there !!  When an author can do that to you while reading one of their books, you have to hope that there are more books by the author.  And luckily there are !!!  Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli is a must watch author....and read all her books.  I plan to !!!

Review by Missi S.

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