Sunday 24 April 2016

Sliced and Toasted With Murder (A Josie Rizzo Cozy Mystery #2) by J R Pearson

Sliced and Toasted With Murder (A Josie Rizzo Cozy Mystery #2)

Small container of pickle spears......$2.99

Hot corned beef sandwich................$6.99

Large antipasto platter ..................$10.99
*Green olives included*

One cold dead body......(Prices may vary)

Josie and her best friend, Brad, are next in line at Greenville's famous pastrami-sandwich-producing hotspot--Danny's Deli. Their highly anticipated lunch break turns stale when employee Gordy Fitzgerald's body is found in the freezer.

Word soon surfaces that Gordy had been stabbed shortly before being found--and the weapon is missing. Locals are devastated by the discovery, and the amount of speculation on the killer's identity is far greater than the holes on a block of Swiss cheese.

Who killed the beloved sandwich wizard?

Josie's untamed curiosity is determined to answer just that.

Along the way, she has a few tasks at hand: maintaining a blog, coming to terms with her feelings for Tony, and keeping up with the shenanigans of her corgi, Petey.

All this, and finding a killer.

Shouldn't be too hard. Living in a small town like Greenville, there's no place anyone can hide.

Not even a murderer...right?  (Summary via Goodreads)

Sliced and Toasted with Murder book two in A Josie Rizzo Cozy mystery series is a culinary and mystery lovers dream come true. Both of these elements along with the amazing characters are a must read!

Josie and Brad are on their lunch break from The Box Bistro and decide to check out a staple in Grenville, Danny's Deli. They don't quite get what they were expecting when the clerk finds Gordy the best sandwich maker in town dead in the walk in freezer. This causes Josie's investigation radar to go off and ends up smack dab in the middle of it along with Brad and of course Petey. They are trying to find out why someone would want to kill a man who everyone loved??? 

Even with all of her investigating she still manages her food blog "Good Eatin' For The Curvy Soul" and living her dream. But she is also at a crossroads and needs to figure out her true feelings for Tony, her friend and boss who she has known all her life. WOW she has a lot going on! Will she and Brad be able to solve this case before anyone else gets hurt or will someone get away with murder?

I can't say enough good things about this cozy! If I could give it more than five stars I would hands down. It is so fun and entertaining you will be laughing out loud. Especially with Gerte's sense of humor and Petey's lack of exercise. I had tears from laughing so hard with the antics Petey was doing. On to book three.

Review by Penny M.

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