Wednesday 13 April 2016

Murder at Dolphin Bay (Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mystery Book 1) by Kathi Daley

Murder at Dolphin Bay by Kathi Daley

Kailani Pope wants nothing more than to be a proud member of the Honolulu Police Department. Both her father and grandfather were cops, her five brothers are cops, and the only thing she has ever wanted from the time she can remember wanting anything, was to be a cop. She has passed all the requirements to be selected for the police academy but somehow her number never seems to come up.

While she is waiting for her name to work its way to the top of the list she works as a lifeguard for the Dolphin Bay Resort. When a guest of the resort is found murdered, Kailani decides that if she can solve the murder before her brother who has been assigned to the case by HPD, then the department will have no choice but to take her application seriously and move her to the top of the list.

Murder at Dolphin Bay is set on the beautiful island of Oahu providing a perfect backdrop for the perfect beach read.
  (Summary via Goodreads)

Kathi Daley has done it again! This is a great new Cozy. Murder at Dolphin Bay is a new series based in Hawaii. Besides being in a beautiful setting for a Cozy, it is a fun read. I loved the premise of a woman trying to make it in a man's world. 

Kailani Pope, Lani, to her friends has been trying to get on the HPD but is being blocked at every turn. Her first strike are her brothers called the J team since they all start with the letter J. They are all police officers including her dad who is retired. They all want to protect her and don't want her being a police officer. Two she is vertically challenged as I am too in my family. She is barely 5 ft tall and three she is known to be impulsive and tends to act first and think later. So in the meantime she is a WSO, a lifeguard at the Dolphin Bay resort on the North shore. She lives in a small condo community with two of her friends and Sandy her dog.

While at work she notices a man lying on the beach turning into a lobster and decides to go investigate and tell him he might want to find some shade. When she gets up close she asks him if he is ok and shakes him only to find he isn't responding. She takes his hat off to realize that the man is actually dead! Her mind goes into investigation mode and decides she is going to solve this case before her brother Jason to prove she deserves a chance on the department. 

I'm sure you have guessed this doesn't go as planned and thus begins an adventure full of ups and downs, and twists and turns and maybe even romance? Or not? Will Lani be able to solve this case before Jason? Or will she find herself in too deep and need rescued??? 

This is a home run for Kathi Daley! I loved reading this book and can't wait for book two.

Review by Penny M.

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