Sunday 10 April 2016

One Last Goodbye (A Sharyn Howard Mystery Book 2) by Joyce Lavene & Jim Lavene

One Last Goodbye (A Sharyn Howard Mystery Book 2)

Sheriff Sharyn Howard has her hands full. The county commission wants to cut her staff. Colonel John Metzger wants his brother's killer yesterday. And the Navy wants to be sure she comes up with the "right" answers to the town's new mystery. 

Add to that a lovesick deputy and her mother dating Senator Caison Talbot, one of Sharyn's least favorite people. 

But what really has her puzzled is the mystery everyone in town is talking about. Someone shot WWII Navy Captain William "Billy" Bost as he dipped his plane's wings to his sweetheart. The secret's been hidden for over half a century. Is it possible that the person who killed Billy Bost, Diamond Springs' most famous hero, is also the same person who killed the Pulitzer prize-winning author looking for the truth?  
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What can be said about a Joyce & Jim Lavene book that hasn't already been said ??  I for one am a HUGE fan of their books, loving every one.  The magical way they draw a reader into the story is .... well magical.The talent between them is out of this world amazing.  

One Last Goodbye is the second book in The Sharyn Howard Mystery series.  I truly enjoy this series for so many reasons.  First you have a female Sheriff who is following in her father and grandfather's footsteps.  She is very good at her job but has to constantly continue to prove to members of her own department, some town people and her very own mother that she is capable of doing the job.  She has the medical examiner that has feelings for her but she feels she has to remain professional with him.  And her mom is dating a Senator that Sharyn cannot stand.

In One Last Goodbye Sharyn has both hands full when a Pulitzer prize-winning author comes to town to bring up a 50-year old Navy plane that has been resting on the bottom of the lake presumed to still have the town hero pilot in it.  Before the plane is lifted from the water, the author Tom and his truck are also found in the lake.  

Tom's brother is in town to assist his brother as well as 2 members of the Navy who seem to want to complicate the investigates.

The Sheriff and her small staff now have 3 homicides to solve with one being 50 years old.  But with the help of Nick and her small staff, Sharon has no doubt in her mind that they can solve both cases...even with people in town who don't think they can .....or want them to.

Although we lost Joyce in October of 2015, she remains alive in her books and in our lives.  Her husband Jim is truly a Saint for continuing the work they started and for keeping a huge void in the cozy mystery book world from happening.  For that I am forever grateful for Jim's strength and I will ALWAYS be a huge fan and read EVERY book by these GREAT authors.  How about you ??

Review by Missi S.

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  1. Sounds wonderful. I only discovered their wonderful writing last fall. This book makes me happy that the work continues but sad for what the world, as well as her family, lost.