Tuesday 18 June 2024

The Diva Goes Overboard (A Domestic Diva Mystery Book # 17) by Krista Davis

New York Times bestselling author Krista Davis returns with a delicious new Domestic Diva Mystery set in Alexandria, Virginia’s charming Old Town neighborhood and featuring entertaining guru Sophie Winston, who loves hosting and event planning but prefers to keep things simple–if only she could…

In Old Town Alexandria’s unlikeliest match, Natasha Smith’s free-spirited mother, Wanda, is engaged to notoriously pompous antiques dealer, Orson Chatsworth—leaving Natasha to plan the entire wedding, beginning with an elaborate engagement party. For the extravagant affair, Natasha splurges on trendy food boards created by rising social media star, Stella St. James. The sumptuous boards go way beyond basic cheese and crackers, as Stella dazzles guests with picture-worthy butter boards, dessert boards, and even doughnut boards. Just as Natasha planned, the food is to die for—until someone actually does.

When the groom collapses, it seems as if a heart attack is to blame. Then guests discover Orson was poisoned, and suddenly Stella’s bespoke boards look a lot less appealing. But with an event this big, the spread of suspects is sure to be impressive. Could Orson’s killer be a jilted ex-lover? A money hungry relative? A bitter former business partner? When even Sophie is not above suspicion, she knows it’s time to get on board and scrape together an investigation of her own . . . before murder becomes the town’s next trend.

Includes delicious recipes, fabulous decorating tips, and easy entertaining hacks!  (Summary via Goodreads)

With The Diva Goes Overboard being the seventeenth book in the Domestic Diva Mystery series by Krista Davis I know there are a lot of fans !!  I, sadly, have not read all of the books in this series but the ones that I have read, I have enjoyed them tremendously.  And no matter what book you pick up you will become a fan immediately !!

In The Diva Goes Overboard there is a lot going on in Old Town and main character Sophie is right in the middle of all it !!  It starts when Sophie and her best friend and neighbor Nina attend the engagement party of Wanda and Orson and Orson collapses and later dies at the hospital.  This is right after he asked Sophie to meet with him at his antique store because he has something to discuss with her.  Now Sophie has no idea what he would have wanted to talk to her about.  

Sophie cannot help but wonder if Orson was murdered ... and it looks like others believe the same thing, including the deceased groom !!  Sophie and Nina are contacted by Orson's lawyer requesting their presence when the will is read and they are shocked at why !!! They watch a video of Orson speaking to everyone in a video that he recorded before his death and no one can understand how Orson could will his antique store to Sophie !!  

Once Sophie gets the keys to the store and is there looking around, she discovers a secret room that Orson had an office in .... and in the top drawer she finds an envelope addressed to her.  In the letter he insists that he has been murdered and asks Sophie to find his murderer.  So Sophie gets her rat pack together, Nina, Mars (her ex-husband) and friend Bernie, and they decide to work together to solve Orson's murder.  Unfortunately before they can come up with anything concrete there is another death and they have a lot of things to work out.

There is so much more that I could talk about but I really think that that is enough to get you going to want to read The Diva Goes Overboard and the rest of the books in this series.  Davis knows what she is doing with this series and you cannot help but love it !!  No matter if this is the first book in the series that you have read or it's the seventeenth, you will be engrossed and love it !!!

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