Thursday 27 June 2024

Dark Harbor (Sam Lawson Book # 3) by David K. Wilson

In this third installment in the popular mystery series, Detective Sam Lawson heads to Martha’s Vineyard for another entertaining and suspenseful page-turner.

Sam had hoped his impromptu trip the island would be a chance to take some time off and rekindle his relationship with Carla Davenport. But when a woman is brutally murdered, he finds himself pulled into the investigation to help prove the innocence of the prime suspect—Carla’s brother-in-law.

It doesn’t take long before Sam is butting heads with a local detective, who has suspicions about the visiting Texas detective. Forced to work around the law, Sam enlists the help of Carla, a rock star bartender, and the suspect’s stoic father. As he explores the dark shadows of the island, hidden secrets emerge and new suspects come to light…including Carla’s sister.

Dark Harbor is another thrilling stand-alone novel in the Sam Lawson Mystery series. If you’re a fan of page-turning suspense, you’re sure to love this fast-paced whodunnit from David K. Wilson.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Dark Harbor is the third book in the Sam Lawson Mystery series written by David K. Wilson and this is a series that you will get completely lost in and not want to be found !!!

In Dark Harbor main character Detective Sam Lawson has decided to take a vacation.  His girlfriend Carla, who is a medical examiner, is away visiting her sister in Martha's Vineyard and he decides to surprise her.  Carla's sister Vanessa is having a hard time because she got in a huge fight with her husband Norm and he has been missing ever since.  It is not like Norm to stay away for this long and Vanessa and Norm's father Jude are having a hard time.

Even though Sam is technically on vacation it doesn't take long for him and Carla to start noseying around into Norm's disappearance.  Unfortunately the local detective doesn't take too kindly to outsiders butting into their territory .... even though they could use the help.

Things get dicey when a local woman is found stabbed to death and Sam and Jude just happened to have visited her the previous day.  And if you think that is all then you don't know Wilson and his writing .... Carla happens to notice something on the autopsy report that sends red flags up everywhere and piles on more questions .....

Readers will love this story, as well as the previous books and future books, in this series.  Sam Lawson is a loveable character with a dark sense of humor and is always sticking his nose where it doesn't belong but luckily everything works out.  And Wilson knows how to craft a story with twists and turns that will keep the reader engaged throughout the entire book. 

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  1. I love all of the Sam Lawson Series. Plus Red Dirt Blues .