Tuesday 27 June 2023

The Diva Delivers on a Promise (A Domestic Diva Mystery Book #16) by Krista Davis

In a delicious new Domestic Diva Mystery from New York Times bestselling author Krista Davis, entertaining guru Sophie Winston is coordinating a convention for ghost kitchens in Old Town, Alexandria–and trying to keep a killer from making a deadly delivery…

Sophie is busy handling the first ever convention of the Association of Ghost Kitchens—restaurants that do delivery only—but she’s taking a little time out for a lunch meeting organized by A Healthy Meal. The group is dedicated to providing meals for children in need, and as a bonus, it’ll give Sophie the perfect opportunity to ogle the lavish Old Town home of socialite Geraldine Stansfield. Gerrie’s dining room is impeccably furnished, the table laden with gleaming crystal and prized china. If it weren’t for the dead man lying on the floor, everything would be perfect...

No one knows the victim—or at least, no one claims to. But a little snooping by Sophie reveals links to many local notables. In fact, not only was he a client of Geraldine’s late husband, an attorney—every member of the Stansfield clan knew the deceased. But only one knows what he was doing in Gerrie’s house.

Gerrie’s elegant abode looks spotless, but there’s plenty of dirty linen in those family closets. Now Sophie will have to get the killer to come clean before he spoils another appetite—for good...  (Summary via Goodreads)

Family secrets !!  Family drama !!  Manipulation !!  Murder !!  The Diva Delivers on a Promise by Krista Davis has all that and more !! 

The Diva Delivers on a Promise is the sixteenth book in the Domestic Diva Mystery Book series and boy will it have you on the edge of your seat.  There is so much going on in the little neighborhood in Old Town that you will be shocked !!  But have no fear Sophie Winston is the neighborhood watch mascot and she will get things straigthened out in no time.....okay, maybe a little time but you will surely enjoy the ride.

Sophie organizes conventions as well as other entertaining and charitable events but she never thought that when she was attending a luncheon at the Stanfield estate, they would find a man stabbed to death in the dining room.  She knows that Gerrie Stanfield would never harm another person but it seems that she was the only one in the house at the time of the murder.  And when Gerrie asks for help Sophie knows that she cannot let the police arrest the elderly woman.

While Sophie and her friend and neighbor Nina begin their investigation, they cannot believe the secrets of the Stanfield family that come to light.  It seems that Gerrie's one son, Todd, isn't the upstanding citizen that is of the Stanfield quality....and the people he has starting hanging around with are very shady indeed.  

As if Sophie and Nina don't have enough to handle with helping Gerrie, it seems that someone is taking advantage of local restaurants and customers by saying they are making the food through their ghost kitchens but in reality they are ordering from the local restaurants and overcharging the customers.  With their favorite restaurant one of the ones being taken advantage of, Sophie has to step in and save The Laughing Hound's reputation. 

Readers will thoroughly enjoy The Diva Delivers on a Promise and with this the sixteenth book in the series, there is a lot to love within the entire series.  And one thing that Davis does that I totally love is she provides a list of characters in the beginning of the book so that if you need to check out a character, you can just go back and look and it won't take much time at all to get back on track if you got lost a bit.

I highly recommend this series and hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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